Sneako reveals why he cancelled Jorge Masvidal stream after Nate Diaz beef

Hunter Haas
Sneako explains why his loyalty to Nate Diaz resulted in cancelling a planned stream with Jorge Masvidal

Sneako, a polarizing internet personality, revealed why he canceled a recently-planned livestream with Jorge Masvidal.

Sneako has made waves on social media for over a decade, but recently, he’s been training and sparring with professional fighters.

Sean Strickland agreed to spar a few weeks back, and it didn’t go well for Sneako. The former UFC champion administered a beatdown of epic proportion.

More recently, Merab Dvalishvili, a top UFC Bantamweight, showed up to spar with Sneako and handed down another beating to the controversial streamer.

Sneako praises former UFC star Nate Diaz

Sneako has been working out and training with Nate Diaz. The MMA legend took Sneako under his wing, and the two have seemingly developed a strong connection.

Sneako’s growing relationship with Diaz has led to the cancellation of an upcoming livestream with Jorge Masvidal. He explained why on X.

“Yeah, it’s nothing against Masvidal. It’s just Nate Diaz showed me a lot of hospitality,” Sneako explained.

“It wasn’t anything for clout. He just wanted to show me how to train properly. Training with somebody in their gym the way I was training with Diaz is a sign of major respect.

“You can’t train with somebody like that and then go to somebody he has beef with and then train with him. That’s not what you do.

“It’s nothing against Jorge Masvidal, but with Nate Diaz, I respect what he was able to show me. We got some good training sessions in, and I don’t want to get in between an actual beef like that.”

“I know some people are saying you’re a content creator; you shouldn’t even get in between that. But Nate Diaz showed me respect.

“So, out of respect for him, I’m not going to get between that. I don’t want anything uncomfortable.”

Sneako has a clear affinity for Diaz and respects how the Compton native goes about his business in the gym.

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