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How to get Edward Cabrera in MLB The Show 21

Published: 17/Aug/2021 21:01

by Nick Farrell


One of the most dominant pitchers within Diamond Dynasty this year is highly sought after by players just jumping into the game mode a bit later, or haven’t completed certain programs within MLB The Show 21. 

Using some of the best pitchers within MLB Diamond Dynasty is one of the ways you can quickly improve your record within Ranked Seasons or Battle Royale.

There’s been numerous pitchers introduced to MLB The Show 21 who’ve cycled through the meta since the game has been released. However, Edward Cabrera is one that has stood the test of time, and is still common in most top rotations.


We’re going to run over how to obtain this card in the game, and why it’s been so good within Diamond Dynasty.

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Cabrera bolsters some electrifying pitches within the current meta.

How to get Edward Cabrera in MLB The Show 21

The card you’re going to wait to obtain is the Future Stars 94 OVR Edward Cabrera, which is the set of cards that highlights some of the brightest stars within the Major League team’s farm systems.

The only possible way to get this offering is to progress enough through the NL East Team Affinity Season 2 program so that you’ll have enough points to choose this card from the choice pack. While there’re other cards players can opt for, snagging the Cabrera one is essential for your rotation.


This card is non-sellable as it’s only obtainable via the in-game event, so you won’t have the option to purchase it through the Community Market.

Why is Edward Cabrera good in MLB The Show 21?

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Cliff Lee is another card that has found its way into pitching rotations this year.

Since this pitcher is so commonly used throughout Diamond Dynasty, it’s best to get to know why he’s become so dominant.

Overall, its mainly due to the pitches Cabrera wields, combined with the velocity he slings them at.

He features the Sinker, which tops out at 95 MPH, and for those who don’t know, this pitch has become the meta this year. With significant movement, combined with the velocity of a 4SFB, it can be devastating to hit.


As well, Edward also throws the following pitches.

  • Slider
  • Curveball
  • 4SFB
  • Changeup
  • Sinker

Combining all of these together, there’s no wonder why Cabrera is still one of the best pitchers to use within MLB The Show 21.