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MLB The Show 21 best pitchers to use in Diamond Dynasty

Published: 12/Aug/2021 0:01

by Nick Farrell


Pitching is one of the fundamental aspects of MLB The Show 21, and within Diamond Dynasty, there are some pitchers that are simply unhittable, and you’re going to want to grind for these players.

San Diego Studios has been consistently adding new content within Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show players to check out over the months since the game was released.

This has resulted in incredible events such as the Field of Dreams program and the regular Team Affinity events, and with these new missions come new cards.

Some outstanding players have been added into the game, and we’re at the point where some pitchers are nearly unhittable.


We’re going to break down the best pitchers you should use within Diamond Dynasty.

mlb the show battle roylae rewards
San Diego Studio
Players can earn cards through various events and programs within The Show.

Best pitchers for MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty

Throughout the year, the go-to pitch for many players has been the Sinker. Due to its movement and speed, it can be devastating to other players. But, pitchers who feature the Outlier attribute are just as imposing to hit, simply due to their pitches coming in faster than others.

We’re going to run over who we think you should be using within Diamond Dynasty modes, whether its Conquest or Ranked, these pitchers are unquestionably some of the best.

Jacob deGrom Team Affinity Season 3 – 99 OVR

San Diego Studio
deGrom’s Team Affinity Season 3 card has been the best card since its release in mid-July.

The best pitcher in all of baseball received a special card during the All-Star celebration for Team Affinity 3. Not only does the Mets pitcher offer some disgusting pitches in the form of his Changeup and Slider, he also offers a 4SFB that has Outlier, which is nearly unhittable within the game, especially on higher difficulties.


Edward Cabrera Future Stars – 94 OVR

San Diego Studio
Many of you have probably had your fair share of issues with Edward.

Another Team Affinity card, but this time back in Season 2 was Edward Cabrera, and it’s mainly due to the pitches and velocity he has.

With a Sinker that can reach up to 99 MPH, it’s been quite the year having to face this pitcher everyday, and we doubt his presence online is going to go away anytime soon.

Al Leiter Milestone – 97 OVR

Al Leiter
San Diego Studio
Al Leiter’s son, Jack may have a card within MLB The Show 22 next year!

Not only is Al Leiter’s card still one of the most expensive within The Show, but it also bolsters some incredible pitches to keep your opponent’s knees buckling.

A Sinker, Changeup, Slider, and Cutter are all pitches you want for online play, and Leiter offers them all.


Tom Glavine Milestone – 96 OVR

Tom galvine
San Diego Studio
Glavine has flown under the radar as one of the best cards in the game.

While most of you have probably tried Milestone Tom Glavine, there’s still a lot of debate into whether or not he belongs among the best pitchers in the game.

But, we reckon it’s still worth the trouble to go and try Glavine out, and he only gets better the more you play with him!

Nolan Ryan Milestone – 99 OVR

San Diego Studio
The 5th Inning Program gave us one of the best pitchers in the game with 99 OVR Nolan Ryan.

Last but not least, a bit of a controversial pick, but we believe the new Nolan Ryan card has a chance to be one of the go-to pitchers within The Show.

Mainly due to his sizzling 4SFB combined with Outlier, and other notable pitches such as his buckling Curveball and Sinker, there’s a lot of potential with this card.