Best teams to rebuild with in MLB The Show 21

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best teams to rebuild within mlb the show
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When looking to take over one of the teams within MLB The Show 21, you can either pick a contender or pick one of the teams reloading their rosters with blue-chip prospects – and some of them are loaded with talent. 

‘Franchise’ is one of the offline modes within MLB The Show 21. Although fans have had their complaints with the game mode over the years, it’s still gathered a lot of attention from players, as there’s no better feeling than leading your team to victory.

But, if you’re not so keen on taking hold of one of the powerhouses within the MLB such as the Los Angeles Dodgers or the Houston Astros, then you may want to go down the route of rebuilding a team.

There’s some rosters within the MLB that are stacked with prospects, and we’re going to run over the best ones to use within MLB The Show 21.

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Teams like the Houston Astros are World Series contenders once again.

Best teams to rebuild with in MLB The Show 21

Most of these teams are going to be relatively low in OVR for the first few seasons, but this is okay, as it’s going to take some time before they rank up in terms of OVR.

Below are the teams we recommend you think you should start your rebuild with while playing Franchise mode.

Seattle Mariners – AL West

While the Mariners are experiencing a surge in the standings and may make a push towards the Wild Card, they seem to be overachieving for who they bolster on their lineup.

But, they have some of the best prospects within the Majors, and this can be tied to SP Logan Gilbert and CF Jarred Kelenic, both of whom have been called-up and are performing well.

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Kelenic slumped at first, but has found his stride within the Mariners starting lineup.

Baltimore Orioles – AL East

At the bottom of the AL East yet again, the Orioles have had some amazing production between Cedric Mullins and Ryan Mountcastle, and they look to be on the upward trend over the years.

With notable talents in the farm system such as Adley Rutschman, they can easily be retooled with trade pieces and make a push within the powerhouse AL East.

Detroit Tigers – AL Central

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The Tigers have a boat load or prospects to develop.

The last team on our list is without a doubt one of the most exciting teams to watch within the MLB, the Tigers have surprised many this year and this is largely due its young core of players such as.

  • Eric Haase
  • Spencer Torkelson
  • Tarik Skubal

It’ll be a fun rebuild for sure, and with other players in the minors that have decent potential that’ll quickly find their way onto your roster.

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