MLB The Show 21 battle royale: All rewards, new cards, Chapman, Musial, more

mlb the show battle roylae rewardsSan Diego Studio

Becoming flawless in MLB The Show’s battle royale is one of the most daunting tasks within Diamond Dynasty. But, if you’re able to pull off this feat, they’ve announced some stellar cards for your troubles. 

Snagging the best cards within MLB The Show 21 is the ideal way to improve your team so that you can have a fighting chance against some of the best players within Diamond Dynasty.

With a flurry of new cards being added every week by San Diego Studios, some of the most powerful cards lie within the rewards program for their battle royale game mode. Players worldwide will have the chance to earn these rewards, if they managed to go a perfect 12-0.

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We’re going to walk through all of the cards that you’ll have the chance to earn this season, and which one you should choose!

MLB-The-Show-3rd-Inning-Bosses-scaledSan Diego Studio
MLB The Show has a wide array of choice packs for completing certain tasks!

Battle Royale rewards

Battle Royale is one of the game modes within MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty portion, where players draft an entirely unique team based around a pool of available cards. Then, you’ll have to play online matches against players worldwide with these squads, to see who is the better player.

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This game mode is a great way to test out cards you don’t have already, to see if they could be viable for your roster. However, there’re also some fantastic rewards for players if they are able to grind through the gauntlet of battle royale.

As, for players going a flawless 12-0, they’ll be rewarded with a choice pack of players who are usually in the high 90’s and worth an ample amount of stubs within the community market.

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Let’s take a closer look at all of the new battle royale flawless reward cards that you’ll have the chance to earn.

99 Awards Stan Musial – RF

99 Awards Stan MusialSan Diego Studio
99 Awards Stan Musial is another card within the flurry of RF within the game.

First up on the list is another RF card within Diamond Dynasty, but this time it comes in the form of Hall of Famer, Stan Musial. The former St. Louis Cardinals slugger had an all-time batting average of 0.331 and hammered 475 HR during his tenure.

We can expect this card to have maxed out contact numbers, along with decent power numbers against both sides of the plate. As well, Musial was a decent fielder, but don’t expect this card to have blistering speed. As he only snagged 78 bases in his 22 years as a MLB player.

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97 Signature Aroldis Chapman – CP

97 Signature Aroldis ChapmanSan Diego Studio
Chapman has been up and down this year for the Yankees, but this card commemorates his early dominance within the Reds.

The final card going to be obtainable for players who go flawless within BR is another reliever card, in Signature Aroldis Chapman. The overpowering pitcher was a revelation when he emerged within the Reds bullpen, and will surely have the pesky Outlier attribute.

Along with these two cards, there’ll also be a 2nd Half Heroes Albert Pujols for players who reach over 90 points in BR!

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