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YouTuber DanTDM “completes” Minecraft in insane Hardcore run

Published: 19/Jan/2020 16:32

by Daniel Cleary


Popular content creator Daniel ‘DanTDM’ Middleton impressively managed to “complete” Minecraft while playing the iconic sandbox game on Hardcore mode.

Although it’s over a decade old, Minecraft has enjoyed a resurgence on YouTube in recent years. The classic title provides players with endless possibilities to create their own world and many top content creators, including YouTube king PewDiePie, have made their return over recent years.

DanTDM has also been at the forefront of Minecraft content, now boasting over 22 million subscribers.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time.

Minecraft does not have a traditional story mode, though, that can be completed as with other games. But, DanTDM decided to give it his best shot at achieving as much as possible, documented in his January 18 upload.


DanTDM set out to complete all of the achievements in Minecraft while playing through the game on Hardcore mode, meaning that he could not afford to die during his attempt or the world would be lost forever.

The YouTuber revealed that the challenge he had set out for himself was perilously difficult, claiming that the video capturing his attempt took longer to create than any of his previous uploads.

“This video by far has taken me the longest to create than any of my other videos on my channel,” he revealed, before attempting the final achievements, “but everything was almost set in place to complete Minecraft hardcore 100% without dying.”


He only had the final three achievements to complete; A Furious Cocktail, A Balanced Diet, and how did we get here. These included tasks such as eating every single food item within the game, and it took him even longer than expected to acquire everything that was needed.

He finally managed to get it done, however, and expressed his relief after essentially finally putting the challenging tasks behind him, “We did it, oh my goodness, I thought I done it wrong.”

Although he managed to complete all of the current achievements in-game during his hardcore run, it is likely that Mojang will add even more for him to complete in future updates.