PewDiePie explains why he stopped making Minecraft videos

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YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg’s wildly successful Minecraft series propelled him to the most watched channel in 2019, but during his January 6 episode, he explained why he stopped making episodes on a regular basis.

PewDiePie had one hell of a year in 2019 as he reached 102 million subscribers, making him the most followed content creator on YouTube – something which was largely fueled by the return to his gaming roots.

The Swede’s wildly successful Minecraft series took the video platform over, and even revitalized the Microsoft title in sales. However, in his latest upload, the YouTuber explained why he hasn’t been making episodes lately.

Instagram: @PewDiePieThe Swedish YouTuber reached 102 million subscribers in 2019.

Pewds explains why he hasn’t been making Minecraft videos

The YouTuber was reacting to memes in his latest ‘Last Week I Asked You’ series when he came upon a fan submission that compared him no longer playing Minecraft to the Pixar film Toy Story, where the protagonist no longer touched his old toys.

“I don’t want to play with you anymore, Minecraft!” the Swedish star read aloud, and laughed. He then explained how his busy schedule has kept him from making them as of late.

“It’s just those episodes take so long to make, and I feel like I had no time because I’m so busy with other things. So I’m sorry!” Pewds stated.

(Timestamp 15:02 for mobile users.)

PewDiePie first launched his Minecraft series in June 2019, which was a return to his gaming content roots that he’d largely abandoned for years in favor of reaction style skits like Meme Review, PewNews, and LWIAY.

The series saw his channel explode in popularity, and even made him the number one most watched channel of the year due to the insane popularity of his episodic videos that saw him go on adventures in the sandbox game, and even had a recurring plot.

According to third-party YouTube data tracking site Social Blade, the 30-year-old’s monthly views nearly doubled from June to July, just a month after the start of his gaming series, and even helped push the Mojang title to be the second most sold game in August, according the NPDs.

Social Blade: PewDiePieThe Swedish YouTuber saw an explosion of views after the release of his Minecraft series.

Despite taking a break from making Minecraft videos, PewDiePie did not rule out making a return to them in the future, and fans hope that the short break he’s taking in 202o will give him the rest he deserves.

Given that in his August update vlog he exclaimed “it’s been a while since I’ve been able to say that I’m really proud of a video,” viewers are holding out hope that they’ll eventually get to revisit Bro Land again. After all, he can’t leave Sven alone forever.

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