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Twitch streamer taunted by Minecraft with hilarious fishing catch

Published: 31/Dec/2019 12:23

by David Purcell


Fishing in Minecraft can be one of the most relaxing recreational activities to enjoy in the game, although we’re not sure this Twitch streamer will agree after being trolled by his catch. 

The sandbox game has undoubtedly been one of the games of the decade, attracting millions of players since it was first launched in 2009 and has grown tremendously ever since – mostly due to the variety of things people can do.

Twitch streamer ogmemeking, who only has 80 followers on his channel at the time of writing, decided to give fishing a try during a broadcast on December 31, but as he cast out his line and waited for something to be hooked, viewers could never have expected things to pan out the way they did.


MojangFishing is a very popular activity in Minecraft.
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Ogmemeking started to talk about the weapon that he had acquired, a diamond sword with a knockback ability. Clearly, he wasn’t too happy with its characteristics.

“I’m just really mad that the sword is knockback. I wish I had any other f**king sword in the game,” they said, waiting patiently for something to catch.

Moments later, their fishing float bobbed downwards – indicating that there was something on the end of his line – and it’s fair to say that the item collected from the angling session wasn’t very desirable. Check it out in the clip below.


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Just moments after making it very clear that he doesn’t want a knockback sword, Minecraft handed him one of the most ironic – and hilarious – gifts he could have asked for. You guessed it, an Enchantment Book with knockback II.

For those who don’t know what this item does, it basically allows players to use it in order to add the knockback function to their weapon. I.e. next time they use it, it will throw them backwards a few steps every time an enemy is hit.

Clearly, this wasn’t what he was looking for, but viewers lapped it up all the same.