Forsen roasts xQc after reclaiming Minecraft speedrun record by 7 seconds

Connor Bennett
Forsen and xQc streaming on Twitch

Twitch star Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors regained his Minecraft speedrunning record from Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel by the barest of margins, and had to drop some trash talk once it was all said and done.

For weeks, Forsen and xQc have been going back and forth in their own personal Minecraft speed-running quest. The goal is simple, defeat Minecraft’s Ender Dragon and ‘complete’ the game in the fastest time possible.

The pair have got things down to a science and regularly trade records, forcing each other to stop playing different games and focus on Minecraft in a bid to get the record back.

In mid-March, xQc reclaimed the crown with a sub-21 minute time and said he’d give up on Minecraft speedrunning if Forsen was ever able to beat that time. Well, now that’s happened.

xQc on Twitch
xQc was the most-watched streamer in 2020, in terms of hours watched.

After giving up on GTA RP and heading back to the Mines, Forsen finally got the luck on his side on April 2, and despite a shaky overworld run, defeated the Ender Dragon in quick fashion.

The Swedish streamer wasn’t too sure if he’d done enough to beat xQc but his chat was pretty confident and told him he had.

When all was said and done, Forsen had managed to pipe xQc by a few seconds and couldn’t help but celebrate, letting out a quick scream and jumping out of his chair as the time was confirmed.

The celebrations didn’t end there, though, as Forsen quickly responded to xQc’s trash talk from when he took the record in March.

“Imagine thinking you can keep the bajs in the freeze with a f**king 20:45!? Get with the f**king times. 20:38 biatch!”

In the past, as soon as one has claimed the record, the other will dive into Minecraft and start the grind. However, xQc didn’t do that this time around.

Instead, he watched along as Forsen claimed the record and called it “noob” that his previous time wasn’t exactly smashed and was only beaten by a tiny amount.

As noted, the Canadian streamer has said previously that he’d give up on speedrunning if Forsen reclaimed the crown, and now he has, it remains to be seen if he’ll stick to his guns.

He’s currently building his criminal empire in the NoPixel GTA RP server but fans will want him to jump back into the mines and get the record back.