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Twitch streamer slams viewers shaming her for playing games on easy mode

Published: 1/Apr/2021 0:15

by Michael Gwilliam


A Twitch streamer is going viral for lashing out at fans for “gatekeeping” video games from people who want to play them on easier difficulty settings.

Most video games nowadays have multiple difficulty settings to choose from, so anyone from the most hardcore gamers to casuals who just want a story to enjoy can partake, regardless of skill level.

However, for some fans, those who play on easier settings aren’t considered “real” gamers – something that Twitch streamer ‘AshleyRoboto’ took issue with.

In a Twitter video that has been making rounds online, the streamer called out fans for “gatekeeping” games and shaming people for playing on easy.


“Shut the f**k up!” she demanded. “Let people play games however they want to! Are you seriously roasting me for trying to play a story that is notoriously one of the most convoluted lore-based games in existence?”

It’s unclear exactly what game she was playing that promoted the response from the Canadian streamer. That said, recent Twitch VODs do show she has been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts, which definitely fits the “convoluted lore” description.

According to Ashley, all she wants to do is just figure out the lore, watch the cutscenes, listen to the dialogue and enjoy the game without any stress.


Sora in Kingdom Hearts
Square Enix
AshleyRoboto plays a lot of Kingdom Hearts.

“I swear to God. I swear to God, not everybody wants to play games to be absolutely infuriated and in pain the entire time,” she blasted.

Furthermore, she warned that she would “suplex” anyone out of her chat if they took issue with her.

“Stop gatekeeping how people play games!” she attacked. “It’s so f***ing boring! You’re boring!”

Wolfenstein difficulty
Some games make fun of gamers who play on easy.

Of course, while some viewers may be toxic as it pertains to game difficulty, some games themselves have openly mocked players for playing on easy. Notably, Wolfenstein The New Order had its easiest setting, called “Can I play daddy?”


The mode is described as “very easy difficulty setting for the spineless gamer.” While Ashley didn’t take issue with games per se, it’s clear she isn’t a fan of others telling her how to play.

Since being posted on March 31, the streamer’s video has been viewed over 75,000 times and has nearly 3,000 retweets – a good indication that viewers agree with her message.