Dream responds to Dunkey criticizing him over Minecraft cheating: “You’re better than this!”

Dream respond to videogamedunkeyYouTube: Dream, videogamedunkey

Dream has become one of the biggest names on the internet, with his Minecraft gameplay and mysterious persona pulling in millions of viewers. One thing he’s known for now, though, is cheating during a Minecraft speedrun.

Dream broke the Minecraft speedrun world record back in June 2020 and, after a few months, rumors began to seriously ramp up that he had actually cheated to achieve the record.

While Dream initially vehemently denied any accusations, he came out at the end of May 2021 and admitted to having cheats enabled during the run, explaining that he hadn’t realized that it was actually happening at the time.

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Of course, the revelation and admission of guilt caused a huge stir in the Minecraft community, with fans and critics alike sharing their thoughts. One of those was popular YouTuber videogamedunkey, who posted a video “taking back his apology” to Dream.

In it, Dunkey discusses the entire debacle, clearly exasperated by the fact that Dream had cheated and tricked him into apologizing and believing him. He called Dream “pathetic” for cheating at Minecraft, of all games.

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Dream sat and watched the video on stream, reacting and offering his thoughts — and he wasn’t massively impressed when Dunkey suggested that “the entire internet” sided with Dream.

“Yes, the entire internet flipped to my side,” Dream said sarcastically. “It wasn’t like there was a single video ever made in support other than my video, and there wasn’t like 10 videos made against my video.”

“Come on, Dunkey,” he added. “You’re better than this.”

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Since admitting to having cheats enabled during the run, Dream has apologized to his fans and the wider Minecraft community but has also hit out at ‘haters’ trying to cancel him over the controversy.

The pair are known for their sarcastic humor, so we’re sure there’s no major beef between them – but the cheating allegations continue to cause drama around Dream.