Best Taskmaster Marvel Snap decks

Marvel Snap TaskmasterMarvel Snap

Taskmaster is one of the most versatile cards in a Marvel Snap decks, but it needs to be with the right cards and in the right decks to be most effective.

Currently a pool 3 card, Taskmaster has been a part of Marvel Snap for quite a while. But with all the new cards that have been added, finding the correct combinations for Taskmaster can be tricky.

Taskmaster is a 5-cost card with zero power, which seems like it would be a card everyone would want to avoid. But its incredibly powerful On Reveal effect lets Taskmaster copy the power level of the last card you played, meaning it could be incredibly powerful if you’ve set it up properly.

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Let’s take a look at all the decks where Taskmaster works best.

Marvel Snap decks for Taskmaster

First up, we have the Deathmaster deck, which uses the strong duo of Taskmaster and Death as a finisher.

Marvel Snap Taskmaster DeckMarvel Snap
Marvel Snap Deathmaster comp.

Death is a 9-cost unit with 12 power, but the cost to play it is reduced for each card that the player destroys. This means that, if you can manage to destroy at least four cards (to get Death’s cost down to 5), it will be possible to play Death on turn five and follow it up with Taskmaster.

Destroyer decks with cards like Deadpool, Wolverine, Carnage, and Deathlok can help accelerate getting Death’s cost down. Keeping America Chavez in the deck, just in case you don’t manage to get Death out there by turn five, is also a good backup plan.

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The second option is the Shuri + Red Skull deck. This can give you an incredibly strong final three turns if you have all the necessary cards.

Marvel Snap Taskmaster Deck 2Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Shuri and Red Skull deck.

On turn four, you’ll play Shuri, which doubles the amount of power of the next card you play. You follow that up with Red Skull, which has 15 power, doubled to 30. And if you finish by playing Taskmaster, you will have a second 30-power card on your board.

This all but guarantees that you will win those two locations, so long as your opponent doesn’t have a Shang-Chi or other counter card.

Finally, putting Taskmaster in a Mister Negative deck is also a viable option. Because Taskmaster is a zero power card, once you’ve played Mister Negative, you’re free to play him on any turn you want.

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Marvel Snap Taskmaster Deck 3Marvel Snap
Marvel Snap Mister Negative Taskmaster deck.

If you have some other boosting cards in your deck like Iron Man, Okoye, Wong, and Shuri, you can play one card for an absurd amount of power then copy that level with Taskmaster. The best option is by far Black Panther, who doubles his own power once played. Just put him on a location with some of those boosting cards and you can get him to some incredible levels of power.

If you are looking to make even more decks outside of utilizing Mr. Negative, check out our Best Marvel Snap Decks and the Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1.

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