Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1: Angela, Bishop, Iron Man, more

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Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1 include a handful of deck-defining cards that can be the basis for any strong deck that can climb the ranked ladder.

Marvel Snap has exploded onto the digital card game scene as an instant hit. Both card game enthusiasts and Marvel fans have been enjoying the game’s fast-action gameplay, as well as collecting the game’s over 200 cards at launch.

In the free-to-play game, players have a Collection Level. Increasing your Collection Level via upgrading cards with Credits grants unlocks like cards, card variants, gold, and more. Cards in Marvel Snap are organized via ‘Pools’, and at launch, there are currently three pools.

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For players who are looking to build the strongest deck right out of the gate, here are the best Pool 1 cards to utilize in Marvel Snap.

Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1

Here are some of the best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1, including cards you’ll want to unlock as soon as possible.


Angela is easily one of the best cards in the game, and easily the strongest 2-drop right now.

Angela marvel snapMarvel

She gains +2 Power for each card played at her location. Look to pair her with cards that can shift their location, like Nightcrawler, to make more space at the location to play as many cards as possible there.

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Bishop is strong for reasons similar to Angela, although his Power is increased +1 every time you play a card no matter the location.

bishop marvel snapMarvel

This means that Bishop’s potential maximum Power is much higher than Angela’s. Look to play a Kazoo deck with him utilized for maximum Power.

Iron Man

The genius playboy billionaire philanthropist is a stellar card in Marvel Snap, one that can shift the tide of any match on turn five.

iron man marvel snapMarvel

Iron Man doubles your Power at the location he’s played at, creating scenarios that absolutely skyrocket a certain location’s power. The only bad thing about Iron Man’s card is his voice line when played, letting out a puny robotic “I Am Iron Man” that sounds like a broken microwave from the 90s.

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Jessica Jones

Jones is a very powerful 4-drop that gets +4 Power if no card is played at her location the following turn.

jessica jonesMarvel

Look to drop Jessica onto a location you’re not planning on loading up on for turn five so that she gets the full benefit of her On Reveal ability.


Ka-Zar is fantastic for a Kazoo deck that looks to spill out tons of 1-Cost cards onto the board.

ka-zar marvel snapMarvel

Ka-Zar gives a +1 Power boost to all 1-cost cards in your locations. Although he’s severely countered by Kilmonger, he’s still a fantastic card from the Pool 1 cards.

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