Best Mr. Negative decks in Marvel Snap

Mr NegativeMarvel Snap

Mr. Negative is one of the most game-breaking cards in Marvel Snap, and he can carry you to victory if you manage to use him correctly.

While some Marvel Snap cards are straightforward enough to use in terms of combinations that would make an effective deck, cards like Mr. Negative can straight-up break the game.

Mr. Negative is a 4-cost card with negative one power, but when playing him you will swap the power and energy cost of every card in your deck. This can turn otherwise ordinarily-powerful cards into OP game-changers.

Let’s look into the different decks that can best use Mr. Negative’s unique ability.

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Best Marvel Snap decks for Mr. Negative

Mr Negative DeckMarvel Snap
General Mr. Negative deck

The first deck we have is the general Mr. Negative deck, which takes advantage of high-cost/low-power cards that have incredibly strong effects. Examples would include cards like Professor X, Jubilee, White Tiger, and Iron Man.

A big key for this deck is to try and get Psylocke as early as possible, as she will give you extra energy to be able to play Mr. Negative one round earlier. This will, in turn, unlock all the higher-cost cards (which will cost less once that is swapped with their energy).

The second deck for Mr. Negative is the Double Thor deck, which isn’t necessarily based around Mr. Negative but rather Thor and Mighty Thor Jane Foster.

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Mr Negative Deck 2Marvel Snap
Mr. Negative, Thor, and Mighty Thor deck.

Now this might seem a bit silly, considering it would actually make it impossible to play Mighty Thor if you’ve played Mr. Negative. That’s why the key in this case is to only play Mr. Negative if you have Mighty Thor in your hand, since his effect only applies to cards in your deck, not in your hand.

Since Mighty Thor pulls all 0-cost cards out of your deck once you play her, this could potentially give you a monster round six where you can play a ton of powerful cards. But if you don’t manage to get Mr. Negative and Mighty Thor in your hand at the same time, don’t fret. You can still just play Thor/Mighty Thor/Mjolnir as a strong finishing combo.

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Mr Negative Deck 3Marvel Snap
Mr. Negative and Sera deck.

Lastly, we have a Sera deck, as she combos incredibly well with Mr. Negative. With your cards’ power and energy swapped and an extra turn to play, you can potentially (if you’re able to play Psylocke) get Sera on the board one turn earlier, giving you an extra round of reduced energy costs for all your cards.

This means that, potentially, you could play Wong, Shang-Chi, Blue Marvel, and Cosmo on turn six, with energy to spare if you get the right hand.

If you are looking to make even more decks outside of utilizing Mr. Negative, check out our Best Marvel Snap Decks and the Best cards in Marvel Snap Pool 1.

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