The One Ring returns to MTG at ridiculous new price

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MTG gollum's hand and the ringMarta Nael/WOTC

The One Ring is receiving a new alt-art printing with Tales from Middle Earth re-releasing, bumping its price significantly in MTG.

The One Ring is one of the most significant, game-changing cards to debut in MTG in recent memory. First appearing in the Tales of Middle Earth set alongside fellow format-warper Orcish Bowmasters, many players were hoping that The One Ring would fade swiftly from its MTG prominence.

Unfortunately for those hopes, The One Ring is rising again, just like the Dark Lord Sauron. To coincide with the Tales of Middle Earth holiday re-release, The One Ring is one of the ToME cards to receive brand new psychedelic-inspired art and double rainbow foil treatment. This new printing has seen The One Ring’s price spike to over $100.

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The One Ring sells for over $2 Million

MTG The One Ring Holiday rainbow foil version

While the current price of the new The One Ring will seem incredibly expensive to the average TCG player, it’s nothing compared to the amount that collectors will shell out for truly rare cards.

The search for the 1 of 1 copy of The One Ring consumed the MTG community last summer. With only one copy of the card ever intended to see print, players searched high and low for the card, golden-ticket-style.

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Eventually, the hunt was resolved, and the lucky finder managed to sell the card to Post Malone in a $200 million plus deal.

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The One Ring in competitive MTG

With The One Ring serving as a staple of many competitive MTG decks recently, demand is high for one of the game’s current most powerful cards. The card saw such a high volume of play in MTG Arena that Wizards eventually hit The One Ring with a digital errata, preventing some of its ubiquity.

Despite this digital downgrade, The One Ring is still going strong in print, and will likely only grow more prominent once the Tales from Middle Earth holiday release hits the shelves.

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