Has anyone bought the MTG LOTR One Ring card?

James Busby
MTG One Ring Card artwork

Magic: The Gathering’s The One Ring card from Lord of the Rings has been found, but has anyone purchased it yet?

The hunt for the MTG One Ring Card has finally concluded and one lucky player has pulled the single serialized collectible. Now that the card has been discovered, many players will be wondering whether it has been purchased. 

After all, there have been some incredible bounties put out for the MTG One Ring card, with potential bidders setting aside millions of dollars to try and secure the card. However, now that it’s out of the wild and has been graded, the process of purchasing it can begin. 

So, find out if anyone purchased The One Ring Card and how much it has been sold for right here.

Has anyone bought the MTG LOTR One Ring card? 

No, the MTG LOTR One Ring card has yet to be purchased. Or at least, it hasn’t been announced publicly if it has. As of writing, one lucky player has found and had the card graded. A game store, Maximum Cards, told Dexerto that it was one of their customers. It said, “It was pulled by one of our customers, but it was not pulled in our store.”

Maximum Cards has also said that the player has since acquired “legal representation” and has “finished the grading process.” While the player remains anonymous, there have been many collectors who have been keen to put in bids for the card. Spanish gaming store Gremio de Dregones offering 2 million Euros for the card, which translates to about $2.1M.

MTG The One Ring Card Tweet
The buying process for MTG The One Ring card has begun.

We currently don’t have any news on the buyer. However, Maximum Cards is currently requesting interested parties who wish to buy the card should contact them directly

We’ll be sure to update this article as soon as a buyer has been locked in. Until then, bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest updates regarding the MTG LOTR One Ring card. 

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