MTG fan who sold the One Ring to Post Malone reveals what he’ll do with $2 million

Ethan Dean
Post Malone One Ring MTG

Brook Trafton who found and sold the elusive One Ring Magic: The Gathering card let his followers know his plans for the proceeds. He garnered somewhere north of $2 million and plans to be wise with the earnings.

Magic: The Gathering’s (MTG) recently released Lord of the Rings set contained the most valuable card in the game’s history. The hyper-limited, one-of-one card based on the One Ring from the set’s titular franchise.

The extreme rarity of the card led to a bounty of $2 million being placed on it and even streamers like xQc were trying to cash in. The global pursuit ended when it was announced that the card had been graded after being found by Canadian MTG fan Brook Trafton on July 1.

Trafton sold the card to rapper and MTG super fan Post Malone on August 2 in a modern fairytale moment. On August 15, Trafton took to TikTok to explain his plans for the money he earned in the sale.

“A lot of people have been asking what am I going to do with the money,” Trafton opened the video. “I know there’s a lot of different options.” He floated the potential of buying a house but decided against it after weighing the costs and benefits.

Trafton revealed he had consulted with a financial advisor and heavily researched other instances where people had come into vast sums of money and lost it. “A lot of it is just living beyond their means, spending too much money.”

The unassuming MTG fan explained that he will continue to rent and work despite his newfound fortune. He has set up a plan to cover his cost of living. “It’s invested. I get something every month to cover my rent and bills and the rest goes back into the investment.”

Trafton says he will continue to live modestly. “I still have my bus pass, I’m not gonna get a car,” he said. “We have a plan that I can essentially retire when I’m 55.”

Trafton did say that he plans on buying his parents a modest house when they retire but the properties he showed were only valued at a fraction of his lowest possible earning for the card.

He says the investment should cover his day-to-day expenses and that anything left over is “fun money”. Among its potential uses, he listed giving to charity, further investment, and “buying more Magic cards”.