MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor’s dragon looks to incinerate everything

Jack Bye
MTG Karlov Manor Dragon wallpaper

Incinerator of the Guilty is a fantastic new Mythic-rare card that can burn opponents’ boards to ashes in an instant.

If there’s one Creature type that MTG has no shortage of, it’s Dragons. As one of the game’s most enduring and well-represented types, Dragons in MTG can fit any role from rampaging beast to godlike manipulator.

New Dragons need to be something really special in order to rise above MTG’s glut, and Incinerator of the Guilty is poised to do just that.

MTG Karlov Manor Dragon - Incinerator of the Guilty card

For a whopping 4RR (four generic mana and two red), Incinerator of the Guilty needs to have a truly explosive impact on the game in order to justify its mana value. Thankfully, this newly revealed dragon soars above that bar with ease, having the potential to burn down an opponent’s whole board in a devastating one-sided wipe.

When this Dragon damages an opponent, its player can exile a number of cards from their graveyard. The combined mana value of these cards sets the value of X. Incinerator of the Guilty then deals damage to all of that opponent’s Creatures and Planeswalkers.

Similar to fellow field-clearing Dragon Steel Hellkite, Incinerator of the Guilty relies on dealing damage to an opponent in order to trigger its burn-based destruction. While this would be a tall order for many creatures, a combination of Flying, Trample, and 6 power makes this an exceptionally tricky creature to keep from dealing at least a sliver of damage.

Incinerator of the Guilty has truly caught Magic players’ attention among early Murders at Karlov Manor card reveals. Following its reveal, Incinerator of the Guilty has been valued at an initial $19.99 on TCGPlayer. Thankfully pre-release estimates are often inflated.

Hopefully, when Murders at Karlov Manor releases on February 9 players won’t need a whole hoard of treasure in order to get their hands on this phenomenal new red option.

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