MTG Year of the Dragon debuts new take on classic dragon cards

Jack Bye
MTG Lunar New Year Korvold Dragon

From Planeswalkers to lands and powerful creatures, dragons are stepping back into the MTG spotlight in a big way in 2024.

Dragons have long been one of the most iconic creature types in all of MTG. Elder Dragons like Ugin and Nicol Bolas have played crucial roles in Magic’s ongoing stories over the years. Additionally, dragons continue to play major roles across many of the game’s most prominent planes, from Tarkir to Kamigawa.

With dragons baked into the lore and heart of MTG, it feels only right to give them their due in the Year of the Dragon. Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast agrees and has created several new dragon-based promo cards in celebration.

The Year of the Dragon revitalizes several MTG classics

As the Lunar New Year is on the horizon, Wizards have revealed several new alt-art designs to revitalize old dragons and dragon-related MTG cards.

Dragonlord’s Servant

Goblin shaman dragon booster card

An exceptionally cheap red creature that benefits any dragon deck that can run it as a cost-reducer.

Sarkhan Unbroken

Sarkhan Vol planeswalker card

A dragon-creating and searching Planeswalker from Tarkir, Sarkhan can smooth out your gameplay and claim victory with his powerful final effect.

Steel Hellkite

MTG Lunar New Year Steel Hellkite artifact dragon

A flying artifact creature with good stats, Steel Hellkite’s real strength comes from its incredibly flexible destruction effect, enabling it to wipe out hordes of token creatures for free.

Korvold, Fae-Cursed King

MTG Lunar New Year Korvold card

As one of the most popular Commanders ever, Korvold more than deserves his spot here, even with how much his sacrifice-based powers can sting.

Dragon Tempest

MTG Lunar New Year dragon tempest

A great combat booster and fitting source of burn damage, Dragon Tempest will find a home in any red dragon deck with ease.
Additionally, new dragon-themed art for a full-art mountain and a dragon token have been revealed, as you can check out their designs below:

MTG Lunar New Year Dragon mountain
MTG new dragon token

Ring in the Lunar New Year with style and look forward to these excellent new MTG dragon designs in 2024!

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