MTG Murders at Karlov Manor: Most Expensive new cards

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From token boosters to powerful new Commander options, we’ll give you the rundown on the most valuable new Murders at Karlov Manor cards in time for the set’s launch.

Now that Murders at Karlov Manor is finally here, MTG fans will be getting ready to crack open some play boosters. Whether drafting, collecting, or looking ahead to tournament play, it can be useful to know which are the priciest cards coming up in each set.

While Murders at Karlov Manor’s reprints have gotten plenty of attention thanks to the set’s Commander decks, there are plenty of valuable and powerful new cards included in the set too.

We’ll run through the most expensive new cards in MTG Murders at Karlov Manor. Be sure to keep an eye out for these pricey picks when pulling from packs, and you’ll soon build up a valuable collection from MTG’s new murder mystery set.

Murders at Karlov Manor: Top 5 most expensive new cards

#5: Vannifar, Evolved Enigma (Showcase) (Invisible Ink)

MTG Karlov Manor most expensive - Vannifar

The guild master of the Simic Combine is in fine form here, merging incredibly well with Murders at Karlov Manor’s new mechanics. While Disguise can be a highly effective tool in any player’s arsenal, especially those willing to play mind games, finding ways to disguise your cards outside of inbuilt effects can be a challenge.

Vannifar sidesteps this struggle thanks to her ability to Cloak, effectively Disguising a card with an upgraded version of Manifest. If you have no need to Cloak more cards from your hand, Vannifar can add a +1/+1 to each of your colorless creatures, which includes those that have been Cloaked. Vannifar ensures that your creatures get out onto the battlefield and pose a real threat, face-up or down.

This version of Vannifar sets a trend, as every card in this top five is a potential Commander, with both a showcase frame and Murders at Karlov Manor’s unique Invisible Ink treatment. Commander remains an overwhelmingly popular MTG format, and Legendary Creatures often fetch the highest prices at launch as a result.

Price: $53.30

4. Anzrag, the Quake-Mole (Showcase) (Invisible Ink)

MTG Karlov Manor most expensive - - Anzrag

A hotly-anticipated new Creature, topping many lists of best Commander in the set, including our own. This Rampaging Gruul god is far cheaper than its incredible stats would suggest, and both of its abilities combine to create a true powerhouse that can loop into extra combat with ease.

Red and green players hardly lack aggressive options – Yarus, Roar of the Gods is another such from this set that does great work – but Anzrag is one of the strongest MTG creatures that players have seen in quite some time. If this is the new standard for MTG Commander creatures, the power level of MTG might be about to take a leap forward in 2024 and beyond.

Price: $58.30

#3: Massacre Girl, Known Killer (Showcase) (Invisible Ink)

MTG Karlov Manor most expensive - Masscre Girl

Another returning Ravnican favorite, Massacre Girl brings the Wither ability along with her. Wither’s return has been clamored for among fans, and many are ecstatic to see it return on such a powerful card.

-1/-1 counters handily get around combat protection like indestructible, and Massacre Girl rewards destroying blockers with an incredible rate of card draw. Keeping your hand stocked and whittling away your opponents’ defenses adds up to a phenomenal new option for any combat-focused black deck.

Price: $58.86

#2: Rakdos, Patron of Chaos

MTG Karlov Manor most expensive - Rakdos

The titular patron of the Rakdos guild, this demonic showstopper is back to bring the hurt in Murders at Karlov Manor.

Thanks to flying and trample, Rakdos is a hard-to-avoid source of significant damage. In addition to its combat prowess, this demon packages the threat of sacrifice in with a reliable draw effect, something that is quite rare without conditions in red and black.

While there is no shortage of MTG cards showcasing Rakdos, this is one of the best. Finding new design space for this old pro is a real treat, and players will likely flock to this card right away on release.

Price: $59.39

#1: Delney, Streetwise Lookout (Showcase) (Invisible Ink)

MTG Karlov Manor Delney

Rounding out this selection of Dossier creatures with Invisible Ink is Delney, the lookout for the little guy.

Delney is an incredible new Commander option, easily one of Murders at Karlov Manor’s highlights. The boost to some of Magic’s weaker creatures opens up all manner of intriguing possibilities, including making creature tokens nigh unblockable, doubling up on Disguised creatures’ Ward protection, and more.

Delney has been expected to be a hit ever since they were first revealed, and this high price tag is just proof of how much MTG players are excited for this new mono-white Commander. Expect many decks to brew with Delney once Murders at Karlov Manor launches, and it might finally be time for MTG’s wimpiest Creatures to rise up and overthrow the strong. Big beaters like Tarmogoyf had it too good for too long, all hail the 2/2s and below!

Price: $64.86

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