Murders at Karlov Manor MTG debut: Story, mechanics, packs, and more

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MTG Karlov Manor Tesya dead

We’ll give you the rundown on all the latest information about MTG’s latest premier set.

MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor set is almost upon us, and now Wizards is significantly ramping up the release of new tantalizing information.

Ahead of the set’s February 9 release, we’ll walk you through everything that’s been revealed about MTG Murders at Karlov Manor so far, from exciting new characters to booster changes.

Murders at Karlov Manor: Story Setup

MTG Karlov Manor Kaya

Murders at Karlov Manor’s story is unusually intricate for a single MTG release, containing a plane-spanning murder mystery drawing important figures from Ravnica and beyond into its web.

Following the devastation of the Phyrexian Invasion, Ravnica is recovering, and Orzhov’s Tesya Karlov is posting a lavish party to return some normalcy to the plane. There wouldn’t be a story here if everything went as planned, however, and the discovery of a body midway through the party put a damper on celebrations.

Following an investigation by the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations – drawing in returning characters Kellen and Kaya into the bargain – master detective Alquist Proft is all set to bust the case wide open. Proft is inviting all the suspects and involved parties together to reveal the murderer…

Follow along with Murders at Karlov Manor’s ongoing story by Seanan McGuire right here, and get ready for story spotlight cards, puzzles, and more once these set releases.

Murders at Karlov Manor: Main mechanics

MTG Karlov Manor vampire

Befitting as the set focused on investigating heinous crimes, the Investigate mechanic is making a triumphant return to MTG, receiving some added focus to allow Clue tokens to catch up to Food and Treasure. Additionally, the Disguise ability reworks and strengthens Morph, and brand-new mechanics Cases, Suspects, and Evidence are set to really shake up Karlov Manor’s playstyle.

For an in-depth look at the abilities Murders at Karlov Manor is built around, check out our full MTG mechanics guide right here.

Changes to MTG booster packs: Play Boosters come into effect

As previously reported, MTG is waving goodbye to the Draft and Set boosters, as these products are being replaced by the Play Booster. Murders at Karlov Manor is when this change will come into effect, with Play Boosters for the set being available to pre-order ahead of its February 9 release.

Play boosters are intended to retain the quality and fun-to-open style of Set Boosters, with the bonus of being draftable. Now, MTG players don’t have to split their focus between two different styles of booster to both collect and enjoy the draft experience.

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