Holy moly: MTG’s new broken Mole God has devious players making plans

Jack Bye
MTG Mole god

Anzrag, the Quake-mole may be MTG Murders at Karlov Manor’s most talked-about new creature, and the fanbase is already hyped for its release.

Murders at Karlov Manor is a unique mystery-themed MTG release set on Ravnica, but not all of the city’s guild are fit for sneaking and skullduggery.

The anarchic Gruul clans are here to smash first and ask questions later, and their new rampaging god has set a standard that will be tough for Karlov Manor’s other creatures to beat. MTG’s creatures may well be getting stronger in 2024 if Anzrag is any indication.

Each of Ravnica’s guilds has their own stand-out playstyle in this set, and Anzrag allows aggressive Gruul (red/green) players to stomp all over the competition and walk away with an easy win.

Anzrag is a hugely powerful new divine threat in MTG

MTG Anzrag Mole God

Even leaving any of its abilities aside, Anzrag, the Quake-Mole’s stats are frankly incredible compared to its cost. For just 2RG (two generic mana, a red and green), Anzrag hits the field as a Legendary Creature with an astounding 8 power and 4 Toughness.

If Anzrag’s combat prowess weren’t enough alone, its ability can really kick things into overdrive. The Gruul Clans have always been concerned with big beaters and overwhelming power, and Anzrag can tap into this by causing a second combat step if it is blocked at all by an opponent’s creature.

As Anzrag’s second ability specifies ‘each combat’ opponents can quickly be dragged into a blocker-losing loop unless they allow Anzrag to connect and deal direct damage.

While this might be an incentive for MTG players to let Anzrag’s hefty damage go through unanswered, players itching for another round of combat can pay Anzrag’s additional cost of 3RRGG to compel opponents to block its attack if able. This ability can quickly turn an already overwhelming turn into an outright win.

MTG fans react to a new god’s emergence

Fans were quick to react to Anzrag’s debut, with many on social media marveling at how powerful the Creature seems.

In a top-rated comment on Reddit, user so_zetta_byte remarked:

“Well, that’s a mana cost for a stat line.”

Players aren’t just sitting stunned by Anzrag’s stats, however, as many creative fans are already figuring out how to break this powerful new addition. Reddit user CorHydrae8 established an especially punishing combo using Grafted Exoskeleton:

“Are you sure you don’t want to block?”

Equipping the Grafted Exoskeleton onto Anzrag puts opponents between a rock and a hard place, forcing them to choose between gaining a stack of deadly Poison Counters or getting smacked by an additional combat step. Poison is one of MTG’s most dreaded mechanics, and players combining it with this hyped Commander may lead to Murders at Karlov Manor feeling more like Phyrexia: All Will Be One than anyone had expected.

We have yet to see what impact Anzrag, the Quake-Mole will have once Murders at Karlov Manor debuts on February 9. But if early reactions and a huge spike in price are anything to go by, we’d bet that this creature will see some heavy play in the months to come.

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