MTG fans shocked as new Enchantment uproots the game

Jack Bye
MTG Insidious Roots art

Pump out tokens and make yourself a huge pile of mana with this game-changing new Uncommon card from Murders at Karlov Manor.

From killer new Commanders to hard-hitting creatures, MTG players have been awed by the powerful new cards coming out of Murders at Karlov Manor, seemingly heralding Wizards’ desire to push the game’s power forward once more.

Now, one of the set’s best new cards is causing a real stir, thanks to its ability to put out huge floods of mana with incredible ease.

Insidious Roots lets MTG tokens pay for themselves

MTG Insidious Roots card reveal

Costing just BG (one black mana and one green), Insidious Roots is a brand-new MTG Enchantment. While active on a player’s field, Insidious Roots allows each of that player’s Creature Tokens to tap for one mana of any color.

Additionally, Insidious Roots creates plant tokens and puts a +1/+1 token on each of its controller’s plants whenever one or more Creature cards leave that player’s graveyard.

While the support for Plant creatures may seem somewhat out of nowhere, there is a precedent for this archetype support. Fungi recently had an MTG glow-up thanks to The Lost Caverns of Ixalan and its popular Mycotyrant Commander. Now could be Plants’ chance for a similar boost in popularity, thanks to Ravnica’s oft-ignored connection to nature through Selesnya, Golgari, and more.

Unfortunately, Insidious Roots’s plant power-up will likely be overlooked, as its fantastic mana-generating Token ability is the real draw here.

What really sets this card apart is its power combined with its low rarity. Over on Reddit, user Skyhawk467 took the top comment spot on Insidious Roots’ reveal by saying:

“This is uncommon?!”

While Golgari colors (black and green) may limit Insidious Roots’ general applicability somewhat, as an easily accessible Uncommon, Insidious Roots will likely become an across-the-board MTG staple in most decks capable of running it.

Insidious Root may herald MTG’s design future

Based on Insidious Roots and other Murders at Karlov Manor designs, Wizards may be beginning to push the power of MTG forward once more. While fans are always happy to get their hands on powerful new options for cheap, it’s a double-edged sword when it comes at the expense of old cards being phased out of use.

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