MTG Ravnica Remastered: Best Commanders

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With no shortage of Legendary Creatures, MTG’s Ravnica Remastered has a whole host of Commander options to choose from.

MTG’s return to the beloved plane of Ravnica has brought with it incredible creatures well worthy of being your next favorite Commander.

We’ll run you through our picks for the best reprinted Ravnica Remastered creatures to serve as your Commander.

MTG: Best Commanders in Ravnica Remastered

#5: Bruvac the Grandiloquent

MTG Ravnica Bruvac

This Milling master was previously locked away as a Jumpstart card, but with a fresh Ravnica Remastered reprint, Bruvac is sure to make some waves with his ability to churn through other players’ decks.

With Bruvac in the Command Zone, all it takes is finding a single Mill bomb like Fleet Swallower to deck an opponent out in a single turn. While it might not always make for good sportsmanship, Bruvac allows for devastating plays that opponents can do little to resist.

#4: Niv-Mizzet, Parun

MTG Ravnica Niv-Mizzet

With such a hefty and specific casting cost, this genius dragon always needed to be something special to match up. Thankfully, this is just an incredible Commander all around, boosting spell-slinging, giving you easy access to all your best options and easily going infinite with several possible combos.

No notes on this one, just a very well-made Commander that’s satisfying to play.

#3: Teysa, Orzhov Scion

MTG Ravnica Teysa

Teysa can run some truly nasty control strategies, thanks to her overwhelmingly powerful, non-restricted removal. With access to enough sacrifice fodder, Teysa proves herself an Aristocrat commander almost without equal, generating dozens of spirits to fuel her removal and downright oppressive control of the board.

With Murders at Karlov Manor right around the corner, why not give the lady herself her due?

#2: Krenko, Mob Boss

MTG Ravnica Krenko

Goblins are a much-loved and long-serving creature type in MTG. These aggressive, swarming creatures bring fun and power in equal measure, and Krenko is quite possibly the best Goblin typal Commander ever printed.

By sampling tapping Krenko each turn, you’ll pump out exponentially more goblins every single turn, soon gaining momentum that it can be nearly impossible for opponents to steal back.

Though his mono-red nature does limit some of the goblins you’re able to build this deck with, Krenko’s sheer power and board-building prowess more than make up for his one downside.

#1: Rakdos, Lord of Riots

MTG Ravnica Rakdos

Cost-reduction in Rakdos colors has seen a recent resurgence, thanks to the excellent Rowan, Scion of War from Wilds of Eldraine. But while Rowan can facilitate some huge turns and powerful spellcasting, there’s no real Rakdos reducer more iconic than the man himself.

Rakdos, Lord of Riots will have access to a plethora of ways to chip away at your opponent’s life totals and make your spells effectively free – truly free if you’re running colorless options like the Eldrazi.

Even without all of that, Rakdos is a cheap, highly powerful presence on the board that can provide hard-to-avoid damage, instantly triggering his own ability and dragging the advantage over to you in an instant.

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