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See what’s ahead for MTG in 2024, from new releases to anticipated crossovers.

Magic: The Gathering’s reach continues to grow, with more and more new cards and sets coming all the time. With such a stacked release schedule, it can be difficult for new players to know where to get started.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. We’ll give you the rundown on what’s coming up for Magic in 2024, as well as point out some potential entry points for new TCG players.

Play Boosters and murder mystery

MTG 2024 Murders at Karlov Manor

MTG’s first major release of the year will be January’s Ravnica Remastered. Featuring many powerful and well-needed reprints from Magic’s history, the set is sure to be a hit with long-term players, but perhaps less of an accessible on-ramp for newcomers.

Prospective new players will want to look ahead to February 2024’s Murders at Karlov Manor. This new premier set features an intriguing Murder Mystery theme, sure to appeal to anyone with an interest in puzzles and detectives.

You’ll be able to play this first at pre-release. This is an event where you can play the game in the Limited format, is an excellent place to learn the game. It’s beginner-friendly and is very casual.

Murders at Karlov Manor also sees the rollout of MTG’s new Play Boosters. These booster packs combine the best of previous Set Boosters and Draft Boosters, allowing new players to experience drafting MTG as well as adding value to a budding card collection. It also simplifies what you need to buy.

Commander pre-cons can be played right out of the box

Commander remains comfortable in its position as Magic’s most popular in-person format. Though it may be a slightly more complicated format than Standard for new players – given the wealth of options and deckbuilding restrictions – Commander has a healthy playable scene and good chances for new players to find games and friends in equal measure.

The Lost Caverns of Ixalan set was recently released, and its four Commander decks proved to be excellent value, including powerful themes and reprints. Our favorite is the dinosaur and Discovery-based Veloci-RAMP-tor, but all four decks will serve new MTG players well.

If you’re looking ahead to future releases, Murders at Karlov Manor’s set of four Commander Decks has already been revealed, as well as the basics of their play style and color identity.

If you want to get an early look at these enticing Commander options, the decks can be found below.

Magic Universes Beyond brings fun to all fandoms

MTG’s lore and world design is incredible and in-depth, providing a huge number of Planes and Planeswalkers for players to get invested in. That being said, sometimes all it takes to get into Magic is seeing your favorite characters represented in card form.

Following the overwhelming success of the Tales of Middle Earth and Doctor Who Universes Beyond sets, 2024 will introduce a whole host of new crossover sets to dive into.

Universe Beyond: Fallout will launch in February 2024, with an Assassin’s Creed crossover to come later in the year. With a multi-set Marvel crossover on the horizon, Universes Beyond is serving up a number of excellent ways into the game.

MTG Arena is for beginners and pros alike

MTG 2024 Arena

Playing MTG can be a fantastic life-long hobby, but it also can come with a hefty price tag. MTG Arena comes with in-app purchases but is more than sufficient for giving players a free taste of the game.

MTG Arena is also extremely helpful for teaching new players the basics, serving as the most easily accessible and comprehensive tutorial for new MTG aficionados. If we had to pick one place for total newbies to get started, MTG Arena has our vote.

With so many options available, we hope to see more new players giving MTG a go this year, as this incredible card game only continues to grow.

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