MTG Clues and Investigate explained: Murders at Karlov Manor’s key mechanics 

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Clues will prove to be a crucial element of Murders at Karlov Manor, and we’ll explain exactly how they and the Investigate mechanic work. 

MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor will soon debut, and the set is shaping up to be a unique and exciting one. By bringing murder mysteries into the world of Magic, the set’s designers have the chance to play with all kinds of intriguing mechanics. 

Investigate and Clue tokens are set to return in Murders at Karlov Manor, and they fit this MTG set perfectly. We’ll give you the rundown on how these mechanics work so you’ll know what you’re in for once Murders at Karlov Manor launches on February 9. 

What is Investigate in MTG? 

MTG clues and investigate Commander

Investigate is a relatively simple MTG mechanic, first introduced in the Shadows over Innistrad set. Whenever a card ‘Investigates’, the card’s owner receives a Clue Token. The trigger for Investigate varies and depends on the attached card, making use of regular MTG ability triggers like landfall and sacrifice. 

How do Clue Tokens work in MTG? 

MTG Clue Token

Clue tokens are colorless artifact tokens. A player in possession of a clue token may pay 2 generic mana to sacrifice the Clue Token and draw a card. For mana colors that struggle to amass cards without drawbacks like red and white, Clue tokens can be an invaluable method of keeping the hand stocked with options. 

Clues and other Token types 

Clue Tokens are one of MTG’s most crucial Artifact Tokens, but their star has been waning in recent years. Mana-generating treasure tokens have remained overwhelmingly popular in MTG, and the Tales of Middle Earth Food and Fellowship Commander deck has done wonders for revitalizing Food tokens, boosted further by their inclusion in Wilds of Eldraine. 

Clue Tokens’ generic draw effect deserves to be similarly celebrated, and Murders at Karlov Manor may well provide this token type with the boost it needs to go toe-to-toe with Treasure and Food. 

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