MTG Ravnica Remastered: Most expensive cards

Jack Bye
MTG Ravnica remastered expensive cards

MTG’s hotly-anticipated return to Ravnica is bringing back some of the plane’s most powerful and pricey cards.

The release of Ravnica Remastered is almost upon us, with the full set dropping on January 12. Featuring such a wide array of cards from across Ravnica’s history, players will want to know which are the most expensive from among the set’s offerings.

We’ve found the most expensive reprints in Ravnica Remastered ahead of release, so you’ll know what to look out for as soon as boosters are available.

Ravnica Remastered: Most Expensive Cards

#1: Cyclonic Rift (Anime Borderless)

MTG Anime cyclonic rift

As one of the most powerful blue mana staples of all time, any reprint of Cyclonic Rift was bound to send the MTG community into a frenzy. When cast for its Overload cost, Cyclonic Rift acts as a one-sided boardwipe, clearing the field of almost everything but its caster’s permanents.

Such a powerful effect has made Cyclonic Rift highly desirable – particularly within the Commander format – and expensive for years. With one of the best anime alt-arts seen so far in MTG, this card is likely to remain in Ravnica Remastered’s top spot for some time yet.

Price: $76.73

#2: Karlov of the Ghost Council (Retro Frame)

MTG Lifegain removal

The Brothers’ War set brought MTG’s classic frames back to prominence, and Ravnica Remastered is continuing that trend as the set unearths MTG and Ravnica’s history.

Karlov was a member of the Orzhov ruling council once upon a time, and he’s been given a new lease of (un)life in this set. Feeding into lifegain strategies with a powerful removal effect, Karlov enables two powerful abilities to work in tandem and is a steal at only WB to cast.

Price: $67.01

#3: Guardian Project (Retro Frame)

MTG Creature draw

One of the Simic Combine’s standout cards, Guardian Project pays off green’s adherence to playing creatures through an incredible, reliable draw effect. Guardian Project’s real power is in Commander, as a singleton format ensures that Guardian Project will always trigger and keep its player’s hand abundantly stocked with options.

Price: $50.00

#4: Divine Visitation (Retro Frame)

MTG Angel tokens

Angels are MTG’s flagship creature type for white mana, and they’ve received consistently good support through the years as a result. Divine Visitation is not only an excellent boost from creature decks, it ties into what white does so well: making a huge number of tokens. While 1/1 creature tokens may not be much of a threat right away, Divine Visitation turns that mob into powerful, hard-to-block angels instead, more than justifying its inclusion here.

Price: $50.00

#5: Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice (Anime Borderless)

MTG anime aurelia

Anime alt-arts continue to fetch a high price in new MTG releases (with the ‘waifu tax’ being at least a partial cause) and it’s no different with Ravnica Remastered. Aurelia’s place here is backed up by being a great Boros option, buffing the lesser ranks of your forces.

Price: $49.07

These are the most expensive cards available in Ravnica Remastered right now, but prices can fluctuate all the time. Be sure to check back after release and see if any of these picks drop in price, or are replaced by new expensive options.

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