MTG Ravnica explained: Everything you need to know about Magic’s best plane

Jack Bye
MTG Ravnica Ral Zarek guildleader

Get to know the City of Guilds ahead of its return to MTG with our explainer for the plane of Ravnica. We break down the lore & more.

Out of all of MTG’s planes and settings, Ravnica is one of the brightest and most beloved. Having stepped out of the spotlight for a few years, 2024’s first major MTG releases both feature Ravnica as their setting.

Ahead of the release of Ravnica Remastered and Murders at Karlov Manor, we’ll run you through the key details on this fan-favorite plane and explore what exactly makes Ravnica so regularly worth returning to.

Every Ravnica Guild explained

MTG Ravnica guild figures

Ravnica is an impossibly sprawling metropolis, a city stretching across an entire plane. The city is maintained and managed by each of Ravnica’s eight guilds, distinct groups with varying specializations, allegiances, and colors of mana. Ravnica’s guilds are an eclectic bunch, and they’ve spawned many of MTG fans’ favorite cards and characters, from Kaya to Niv-Mizzet to Krenko.

All Ravnica guilds

The Guilds of Ravnica and their mana colors are as follows:

  • The Azorius Senate – Blue/White
  • House Dimir – Blue/Black
  • The Cult of Rakdos – Red/Black
  • The Gruul Clans – Red/Green
  • The Selesnya Conclave – Green/White
  • The Orzhov Syndicate – Black/White
  • The Izzet League – Red/Blue
  • The Golgari Swarm – Green/Black
  • The Boros Legion – Red/White
  • The Simic Combine – Green/Blue

It’s the guilds that really gave Ravnica its instant appeal. These factions have drawn in many players, with the ‘choose your guild’ element being a fun part of player identity and engagement. With unique mechanical design and personalities to match, almost every MTG player can find at least one guild that speaks to them.

Ravnica: A centerpiece of MTG’s ongoing story

Rakdos and Gideon Jura

Ravnica’s spot as a fan-favorite plane has secured its relevance in several of MTG’s big story swings over the years.

The culmination of Nicol Bolas’ ascension plot took place on Ravnica, with dozens of Planeswalkers lured to the plane in an attempt to harvest their sparks.

With such a clear connection to War of the Spark, Ravnica took a backseat during the Phyrexian Invasion arc. But now, Ravnica is back on the table, and soon to play host to the next chapter of MTG’s story. Perhaps the Omenpath arc will see Ravnica return to prominence once again. Important, currently MIA characters like Jace and Vraska have key ties to the plane, and could well re-emerge in 2024’s upcoming Ravnica sets.

Ravnica is the host of some of MTG’s most interesting sets

For as much as it has hosted major MTG story beats in recent years, Ravnica has also brought out some of the best of Magic’s mechanical design.

Developing Ravnica caused a breakaway from some of MTG’s at-the-time more rigid design philosophy.

The color pie previously favored ‘ally’ colors and included drawbacks to playing colors that were ‘enemies’ such as Blue and Green. But with the release of Ravnica, MTG head designer Mark Rosewater intended for all guilds to be on equal footing for players, leading to the unrestricted design for ‘enemy’ colors that Magic players have embraced ever since.

Ravnica has captured the hearts and imaginations of many MTG players over the years, and its glorious return in 2024 is sure to add many more fans to its ranks.

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