MTG Modern Horizons 3 leak reveals new Energy cards

Jack Bye
MTG Scurry of Gremlins

Energy is coming back to MTG in a big way with Modern Horizons 3, and many Energy cards have already been leaked or officially revealed.

Magic’s Modern Horizons 3 set has seen several leaks prior to Wizards’ spoiler season, and many of these Energy-focused cards, assumed to appear in the Creative Energy pre-con, have not yet been officially confirmed. We’ll keep you updated on the veracity of these leaks as the June 14 release of Modern Horizons 3 approaches. 

Before Modern Horizons 3, Energy was primarily associated with the plane of Kaladesh. With Kaladesh’s direct access to Aether, the plane’s people have been able to craft incredible, intricate machinery and Artifacts.

Energy in many ways represents channeling Aether, but its primary use is in powering machinery. This was mostly recently seen in the Universes Beyond: Fallout Science! deck. Science! was a kind of successor to Kaladesh, with mechs and pre-war marvels being brought to life and sustained by paying Energy in addition to mana.

Modern Horizons 3, on the other hand, seems to be working to separate Energy counters from this interpretation. If Energy is going to be a more regular fixture in MTG, Modern Horizons 3 seems to be on the right track, with many cards using Energy in new ways.

From mountaintop monks to Kaldheim mages, this set is using Energy counters to represent channeling natural forces as well as powering up machinery, and the mechanic is all the better for it.

Modern Horizons 3 Energy cards: Confirmed

Scurry of Gremlins

Modern Horizons 3 Energy Scurry of Gremlins

A unique token Enchantment in Boros colors, Scurry of Gremlins focuses less on getting tokens on the board and more on paying off an already built-up field.

With a wide array of Creatures already on the board, Scurry of Gremlins nets you a huge amount of Energy counters which can be spent on buffing power and granting Haste.

Chthonian Nightmare

Modern Horizons 3 Energy Cthonian Nightmare

This is another Enchantment that can allow for Sacrifice loops with the right setup. As an intended fix for the previous overpowered card Recurring Nightmare, the addition of Energy works as a chokepoint, allowing this card to be powerful without destabilizing the game.

Modern Horizons 3 Energy cards: Early leaks

Guide of Souls

An incredible bargain for just one white mana, Guide of Souls is a classic Warden of Souls-like ability that also amasses Energy counters. Guide of Souls isn’t just a passive boost to your board, though, this Creature allows you to pay three Energy at a time to grant flying and +1/+1 to a Creature.

What’s more, this boost doesn’t wear off at the end of your turn, making Guide of Souls an easy way to power up your board and send some fliers right at your opponents.

Emissary of Soulfire

An excellent addition to Modern Horizons 3’s Energy options in Azorius colors. For just 1WU. Emissary of Soulfire grants 3 Energy counters when it enters the battlefield and packs a great buff effect to spend that energy on. By spreading exalted across your Creatures, Emissary of Soulfire can build up a huge power boost for single attacks, enabling you to get over any defenses your opponents might try and build up.

Wrath of the Skies

An X-cost Sorceries that both builds up energy and serves as a variable board wipe. By paying Energy into Wrath of the Skies, you get to choose which Creatures, Artifacts, and Enchantments are affected based on Mana Value.

Wrath effects that you have some control over sculpting are in high demand in MTG, particularly given the current overabundance of targeting protection through Ward, so Wrath of the Skies is sure to be a hit.

Aether Spike

A unique, Energy-focused counterspell. Aether Spike is similar to other counters that allow you to set the amount of mana that opponents must pay to not have their spell negated, but with a twist.

By using Energy counters to tax the opponent’s mana, Aether Spike’s caster doesn’t have to keep a huge amount of mana in reserve, proceeding with their biggest plays without worry.

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