Best MTG Fallout Commander decks to grab after watching the TV show 

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MTG TV Fallout decks Dogmeat

From Mutant Menace to Scrappy Survivors, Fallout TV fans can fall in love with MTG thanks to these unique Commander decks. 

With Amazon’s Fallout show bringing in new fans worldwide, the release of MTG’s Universes Beyond: Fallout set couldn’t have been timed better. Each of these decks spotlights a different, intriguing part of the Fallout world and experience. 

Whether you’re a longtime Fallout fan or a new convert to the wasteland following the Amazon series’ smash success, we’ll help you figure out which of the MTG Universes Beyond Fallout decks is the best fit for you, so you can bring your love of Fallout from the TV to the tabletop. We’ve ranked the decks in order of their overall power, but there’s something here for any Fallout fan to enjoy.

#1 MTG Fallout Commander deck: Mutant Menace

MTG Fallout best Commander decks Mothman

Fans of the Wasteland’s freaks and mutations, like the impressively realized Gulper, will be right at home with the Mutant Menace pre-con deck. Mutant Menace collects a top-tier selection of Fallout’s various rad-addled beasts and beings, from villains like The Master to more benign mutates like Marcus, Mutant Mayor. 

Mutant Menace also has the distinction of being the most popular and powerful of all the MTG Fallout decks, with Hail, Caesar following very close behind. The Wise Mothman is a top-tier Commander, mixing Mill and +1/+1 counters together.  

The only downside to Mutant Menace is that its repeated mill effects can quickly cause other players to turn against you, even if you aren’t really putting them in danger of decking out. The mill in this deck is used more as a catalyst for The Wise Mothman’s counter production than as a strategy in its own right. Still, being misunderstood and targeted by other wastelanders feels oddly apt for Fallout’s mutants, and luckily this deck has more than enough power to ward off any foes. 

#2: MTG Fallout Commander deck: Hail, Caesar

MTG Fallout best Commander decks Caesar

Excited by the teases of New Vegas around the series margins? Hail, Caesar will give you cause to celebrate. Caesar’s faction gets a good showing here, with a potent sacrifice strategy that allows you to amass more and more forces and resources, ready to stake a claim to any Commander game you find yourself in. 

Hail, Caesar is also a great pick for any Fallout TV fan fascinated by the post-war communities like Filly that have sprung up in the wake of the bombs, with this deck having a strong sense of identity thanks to Caesar’s Legions

This deck contains Mr House as an alt Commander, allowing you to kick Caesar out of the top spot and install House as your deck’s main engine. Building this deck out in House’s favor will result in a dice-roll-based gambling strategy worthy of the New Vegas strip. 

The Ghoul’s gunslinging exploits make for a hell of a watch in Fallout, even as the character can be a real misanthrope to every fool they’re forced to suffer. Hail, Caesar contains plenty of similar characters hardened by the wasteland’s hardships, with enough force and firepower to carry you to victory in many Commander games to come. 

#3 MTG Fallout Commander deck: Science!

MTG Fallout best Commander decks Science

Envious of the Brotherhood of Steel’s gear and the pre-war artifacts of Vault-Tec and The Enclave? The Science! deck is for you. 

The Fallout show puts in the effort right away to make it clear that the Brotherhood are nasty pieces of work, more of a cult than the mostly benevolent splinter faction seen in Fallout 3. Still, there’s no denying that these pre-war hoarders boast some of the best tech in what’s left of the world, and Science! players can put it to their full potential. 

From living Synths like Nick Valentine to huge war machines like Liberty Prime, Recharged, Science! boasts some real mechanical marvels that will make other Fallout MTG players jealous. Artifacts are among MTG’s most potent, broadly useful cards, and the energy mechanic gets a great showing here thanks to the Commander Dr Madison Li. 

#4: MTG Fallout Commander deck: Scrappy Survivors

MTG Dogmeat

Love Lucy’s exploits and all the wasteland weirdos she encounters? The Scrappy Survivors deck will help you stick close to her Fallout protagonist journey. 

Featuring Dogmeat, Ever Loyal as the deck’s Commander, Scrappy Survivors is the closest the Universes Beyond: Fallout decks come to replicating the main Fallout RPG experience. Other decks focus on different factions and aspects of the world, but with Scrappy Survivors you can load up a vault dweller with scavenged loot and watch as they go to town on any opposing Creatures that cross their path. 

If the survival elements of Fallout call to you, whether in games like Fallout 76 or watching how Lucy adapts to life up top, this deck manages to successfully recreate resource-scavenging as you root through junk and discarded cards in search of some real treasure. Gear up your Creatures with Equipment and Enchantments and opponents will soon have a hard time dealing with these well-equipped wastelanders. 

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