MTG’s newest Azorius boss is a stylish celestial detective

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MTG Ezrim Archon header

The head honcho from on high, Ezrim leads Ravnica’s detectives in their pursuit of the truth in MTG’s Murders at Karlov Manor.

Ezrim, Agency Chief, and head of the Ravnican Agency of Magicological Investigations, is a newly-important figure in MTG’s ongoing story, debuting in the Murders at Karlov Manor set on February 9. While Alquist Proft heads up the set’s investigation, Ezrim is the big boss behind the scenes.

Ezrim is one of MTG’s few Archons, extremely rare Creatures that claim the plane of Ravnica – among others – as their home. While Archons are often mysterious, otherworldly beings, Ezrim is brought down to earth somewhat thanks to his spiffy detective attire. ‘Be Not Afraid’ is an easier command to follow when it’s issued from directly beneath a trilby.

Ezrim is a classic Azorius boss with great abilities

MTG Ezrim, Agency Head card

Style aside, Ezrim, Agency Chief is a potent combatant who more than lives up to their position of authority on Ravnica. As a flying 5/5, Ezrim packs a real punch and brings some of that classic Azorius feel back to MTG. Control may be the name of the guild’s game, but even the grindiest decks need to land a few blows from time to time.

If being a tough-to-block 5/5 beater wasn’t enough, Ezrim’s secondary ability can be activated to grant this creature a choice of Vigilance, Lifelink, or Hexproof until the end of turn, all for the cost of a single token. Thanks to this flexibility, this card has some real staying power and can help deal damage and grind out the game consistently.

Thanks to Ezrim’s Investigate ETB and the prevalence of Clue tokens in Murders at Karlov Manor as a whole, players will likely have a huge pile of artifacts on hand to pay for Ezrim’s effects every turn. When building a deck around Ezrim, you’ll likely bring a bunch more detectives along to helps sniff out clues and back up their boss.

This card makes an excellent boss for blue/white decks in Murders at Karlov Manor and is well worth considering when drafting or collecting the set.

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