MTG Bloomburrow Frog Commander is another huge win for Simic

Jack Bye
MTG Bloomburrow Clement Frog Druid

Clement, the Worrywort is a new Simic Commander debuting in Magic: The Gathering’s Bloomburrow set, and this card promises big things for Frogs in this hotly-anticipated Magic release.

Bloomburrow’s spoiler season is in full swing, and so far the set has unveiled everything from elemental Calamity Beasts to Legendary Lands that will be busted in the Commander format.

Clement is one of the most interesting Commanders revealed for Bloomburrow so far, continuing Simic’s hot streak after Modern Horizons 3’s extremely overpowered Nadu, Winged Wisdom.

Clement, the Worrywort is 3/3 Legendary Frog Druid Creature with Vigilance that can be cast for 1GU. 3 mana is a very reasonable casting cost for a Commander, especially one like Clement that can allow you to quickly ramp and control the board.

MTG Bloomburrow Clement Frog Commander

Whenever Clement or another Creature you control enters the field, you return up to one Creature you control with lesser mana value to your hand, ready to reactivate any ETB abilities on a future turn.

This will pair exceptionally with Creatures with Flash, allowing you to bounce a key card back to your hand when it would be in danger of being removed by an opponent.

Clement, the Worrywart has a second, highly impactful ability. It allows any of your other frogs to tap for a green or blue mana, gaining a huge lead in mana production.

MTG players are enjoying the new direction that Clement is taking Frogs in MTG, with one player saying: “Love the flavor of them hopping in and out of the battlefield.”

Another player was persuaded to switch up their usual color allegiance: “I’m usually a U/B guy, but I’m thinking I’m team frog this set.”

This card will have a great showing when paired with other Frog cards, whether that be in typal Commander decks or in Bloomburrow’s draft format. The set is doing its part to give Frogs an interesting new mechanical direction, ‘hopping’ in and out of the battlefield to re-trigger abilities and avoid targeting effects.

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