MTG Bloomburrow’s “unbelievably brutal” Bird Commander is big hit with players

Jack Bye
MTG Maha Bloomburrow Owl Commander

Maha, Its Feathers Night is one of Bloomburrow’s feared Calamity Beasts, joining the previously-revealed Ygra, Eater of All, and Lumra, Bellow of the Woods. This card is proving popular among MTG players, who are impressed by its hugely impactful abilities.

Where Ygra buffs its power to outrageous levels as Food is sacrificed, and Lumra drags Lands back from the grave for a huge mana advantage, Maha undermines opponents’ Creatures, reducing their toughness and ensuring they won’t survive as blockers.

Maha, Its Feathers Night can be cast for 3BB. This mono-black Commander is a feared presence on the battlefield, coming in as a 6/5 with Flying and Trample. Packing both of these combat abilities practically guarantees that Maha will be dealing some direct damage to opponents whenever it gets to swing.

MTG Bloomburrow Owl Maha Card

Bloomburrow features Birds and Bats as Creature types, meaning that there’s a decent chance opponents who have also dug into this new Magic: The Gathering release will have something on hand to block Maha’s attacks. However, doing so would be a risky proposition for most other players.

When Maha, Its Feathers Night is on the field, Creatures controlled by opponents have their toughness set to 1. Even if other players have fliers available, it would take a whole flock to stop Maha’s attacks from getting through, and all those blockers would hit the grave soon after.

Maha also comes with a passive Ward ability, forcing opponents to discard a card if they want to target this card with a spell or effect. Discard effects are among the most annoying in MTG to deal with, disincentivizing trying to remove Maha unless your hand is fully stocked.

MTG players have been hugely impressed by Maha since its reveal, with one fan on Reddit saying: “This card is unbelievably brutal.”

Another fan pointed to Maha’s power and simplicity: “Gonna be honest? Fan of how straightforward this card is. Big flying trampler that makes your opponent’s creatures suck.”

Bloomburrow’s Calamity Beasts are proving to be a real highlight of the set, and MTG players would be wise to keep an eye out for more as the spoiler season continues.