MTG Bloomburrow’s new Land supercharges typal decks and is bound to be expensive

Jack Bye
MTG Three Tree City

Three Tree City is a new Legendary Land that has been revealed as part of Magic: The Gathering’s spoilers for the Bloomburrow set. This Land is nothing special in the early game, but can quickly provide absurd amounts of mana in the Commander format, especially to token-generating decks.

Bloomburrow’s early spoilers have been a treat for Magic: The Gathering players, providing a look at powerful new Planeswalkers, unique Commander Creatures, and much more.

While Creatures and other spells usually get the lion’s share of the attention in spoiler season, Bloomburrow’s new Land definitely shouldn’t be counted out either.

There’s lots for players to get excited about here, including gorgeous seasonal variants of full-art basic lands. But Three Tree City is the most exciting Land in Bloomburrow’s early spoilers and could well end up as one of the priciest cards in the set.

Spring Three Tree City Bloomburrow
Three Tree City Spring variant from MTG’s Bloomburrow set

Three Tree City is a Legendary Land, making it much more viable in singleton formats like the ever-popular Commander.

By default, Three Tree City can be tapped to produce a single colorless mana, which can be a reliable source early in the game. However, the Land’s true potential comes with its second ability.

When this card first enters the field, you must choose a Creature type. By paying 2 generic mana and tapping Three Tree City, you can choose a color and gain an amount of mana of that color equal to the number of Creatures you control of the chosen type.

As with Modern Horizons 3’s much-needed reprint of Urza’s Incubator, Typal decks will go absolutely wild for this card. Decks that can pump out token Creatures using doublers like Parallel Lives and Doubling Season will especially want to get their hands on it, as Three Tree City will be able to add more mana than you’ll know what to do with.

As Commander remains MTG’s most popular in-person format, and Modern Horizons 3 proved Typal decks like Eldrazi are more popular than ever, players will want to keep an eye out for Three Tree City once Bloomburrow launches on August 2, before it shoots up in price.