MTG players’ favorite Planeswalker is back to save Duskmourn

Jack Bye
MTG Duskmourn The Wandering Rescuer

The Wanderer is one of Magic: The Gathering’s most iconic Planeswalkers. Native to – and emperor of – the fan-favorite plane of Kamigawa, this character has not lost any of their potency since being desparked. 

The Wanderer’s Planeswalker Spark behaved differently from most others belonging to Magic’s world-hopping heroes and villains. She was constantly pulled from plane to plane, requiring great effort to remain in one place. 

Returning in the upcoming plane of Duskmourn, The Wandering Emperor is finally free of her curse, able to travel the Omenpaths at will and explore the MTG multiverse by choice. 

Duskmourn sees the emperor joining fellow Planeswalkers Kaito, Tyvar, and more, walking the halls of Duskmourn’s plane-wide haunted house and saving those they can along the way. 

MTG Duskmourn The Wandering Rescuer card

The Wandering Rescuer is a 3/4 Legendary Human Samurai Noble Creature with a bevy of powerful abilities. This card can be cast for 3WW. 

Thanks to Flash, The Wandering Rescuer can be cast at any time you would be able to cast an Instant, popping up just in time to block a deadly blow or protect your other Creatures. 

Convoke reduces this card’s cost by 1 for every Creature you tap while casting, turning a somewhat steep 5-mana card into a potential 2-mana bargain.  

Double Strike allows the Wanderer to hit hard and fast, dealing damage before other Creatures can get a hit in and following up with an equally powerful attack. 

Finally, The Wandering Rescuer gives other tapped Creatures you control protection via Hexproof, incentivizing swinging out in combat regularly and activating tap effects with abandon. 

As pointed out by MTG players on Reddit, The Wandering Rescuer’s suite of abilities work just as well in a clever combo as individually: “Flash, convoke plus that hexproof ability is such a clever synergy.” 

The Wandering Rescuer can be Flash-cast using Convoke, tapping select Creatures and instantly giving them protection via the card’s final ability.  

If Duskmourn’s other Planeswalking heroes end up as powerful and fun to play as The Wanderer, MTG fans are in for a real treat when the set launches on September 27.