Madden 24 PC version first in years to include current-gen features

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madden 24 pc version

Madden 24 is the first installment since the PS5 and Xbox Series launch to have a PC version with current-gen features.

Madden 21 hit store shelves a few months before the advent of next-gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms, yet EA still rolled out enhancements for these versions. The boosts included improved player models, Next Gen Stats data that informed realistic player movements, and much more.

Unfortunately, Madden 21 users on PC received no such enhancements. The PC iterations of Madden 22 and 23 similarly never included the next-gen extras; instead, Madden’s PC audience found itself playing the PS4 and Xbox One builds.

In response to concerns about this trend last year, an EA Sports representative told PC Gamer, “It’s important to our development team that the PC version of Madden becomes comparable to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions in the future.” It looks like that time is now.

Madden 24’s PC version to include PS5 and Xbox Series features

EA’s Madden-dedicated webpage briefly details current-gen features such as improvements to the FieldSENSE system and the all-new Sapien Technology. While neither of these Madden 24 additions will launch on PS4 or Xbox One, they will make their way to PC.

The website also confirms cross-play between players on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S platforms.

Aaron Rodgers in Madden 24

According to the blurb on EA’s website, the FieldSENSE improvements should increase control when it comes to catching, throwing, and tackling.

Meanwhile, Sapien Technology changes how players move, thanks to more realistic character models and smoother animations.

Those who purchase the PC version of Madden 24 will finally get to enjoy all of the football sim’s various bells and whistles. Jury’s out on whether or not other annual sports titles like NBA 2K follow suit. That series, too, has relegated its PC builds to the PS4 and Xbox One versions for the last few years.

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