Custom Pokemon TCG Game Boy is the stuff of dreams

Nathan Ellingsworth
a Game Boy Advance SP is visible in the color red, with Pokemon Leaf Green being played on the screen

While the Nintendo Switch might be the main console on the market right now, Nintendo fans, and Pokemon fans especially, are always nostalgic for the Game Boy line – perhaps because the handheld consoles are so synonymous with the franchise even decades later.

There was certainly no shortage of special Game Boy consoles officially released by Nintendo, but that hasn’t stopped players around the world from tinkering away with their own custom versions of the consoles, occasionally with some stunning results.

A custom Game Boy Advance SP was recently shared to the Pokemon TCG Reddit, showing off a custom GBA SP with a clear shell, but using a gorgeous Venusaur SIR from Pokemon TCG: 151 to add some extra color to the design.

With over a thousand upvotes, this unique GBA design is being applauded by other Pokemon fans, especially the smart use of an actual Pokemon card within the clear shell of the Game Boy itself.

The design and color are being complimented by plenty of Pokemon players, with one person saying that the “clear and that green hit so hard” while another person called the design “super clever”.

Meanwhile, some people are having an issue with the fact the designer used an actual (and fairly expensive) Pokemon card for the design, with many saying such things as they would have “found a good image, sized it, and printed to photo paper to fill it out properly.”

Still, plenty of others are being supportive, and arguing that it’s up to the owner of the card what they do with it. “This is cool as hell homie. It’s your card just like it’s your money” says one person, while another person adds, “This is what Pokémon is about not PSA grades. Rock on.”

If you want to grab yourself some Pokemon cards, whether to collect or stuff into a Game Boy, be sure to check out our guides to the upcoming Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade and Pokemon TCG Shrouded Fable sets next.

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