TFT patch 11.7 notes: Talon & Xayah buffs, Vanguard changes, more

Andrew Amos
Riot Games

TFT patch 11.7 is here and it’s bringing a ton of changes to  clocking up big numbers for Talon, Xayah, Sejuani, Aatrox, and more.

TFT Fates is coming to a close. Patch 11.7 marks the end of the competitive cycle, with the Fates Championship being played on patch 11.6b. Set 5, Reckoning, is primed for release in a matter of weeks.

However, this is usually the time where Riot goes completely experimental and has a bit of fun. With Galaxies, they created the Big Bang. In Fates, they’re going ham with the numbers, starting with some big damage buffs. Here’s what you need to know.

Nidalee in TFT Fates
Riot Games
Nidalee finds herself in the TFT patch notes again for 11.7.

What’s coming in TFT patch 11.7?

Talon and Xayah could emerge as new meta carries

In a small Twitter debrief, TFT developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer said the team wanted to “open up some more win conditions” in TFT patch 11.7. They’re doing that somewhat with big buffs to Talon and Xayah.

The four-cost units have often been overshadowed by more reliable carries like Kayle and Olaf. However, their 11.7 buffs will make them bigger threats ⁠— especially at three-star.

Xayah’s ultimate will do nearly double the amount of damage at three-star compared to her live numbers, up from 400 per feather to 600. Talon is in the same boat, with huge increases to his ability damage at all ranks.

These buffs, alongside Nidalee, Vladimir, and Darius damage buffs, could spark the rise in a few new meta compositions for that final ranked push.

Tanky Sejuani, Aatrox, Cho’Gath to do more damage

It’s not just hyper-carries getting the love though. Tanks will be soaking up damage and dealing as much back with these TFT patch 11.7 buffs. Sejuani, Aatrox, and Cho’Gath are the big three reaping the rewards.

Sejuani’s three-star damage is being doubled, making her ultimates stun forever and nuke your entire squad. Aatrox is getting a slight buff at max rank too, and the same goes for Cho’Gath.

Other utility queens Irelia and Yuumi are also getting a helping hand at three-star, with increased disarm and healing respectively. Shen is getting the manalock on his ability cut at three-star as well.

Irelia in TFT
Riot Games
Irelia is getting more buffs in TFT patch 11.7

You can find the full TFT patch 11.7 notes below, courtesy of Riot.

TFT patch 11.7 notes


1 cost


  • Javelin Toss Damage: 100/175/300⇒100/175/350

2 cost


  • Transfusion Damage: 400/600/900⇒400/600/1000

3 cost


  • Fortune’s Guillotine Damage Falloff upon reset: 25%⇒25/20/10%


  • Bladestorm Disarm Duration: 2.5/3/4⇒2.5/3/5 seconds


  • Zoomies Heal: 30/45/75%⇒30/45/90% missing Health

4 cost


  • Infernal Chains Damage: 400/600/2000⇒400/600/2500


  • Rupture Damage: 200/400/1500⇒200/400/2000


  • Firecracker Damage: 100/200/800⇒100/200/1600


  • Max Mana Lock Duration: 4/4/8⇒4 seconds


  • Truestrike Bonus Damage: 100/150/400⇒100/200/600


  • Featherstorm Return Damage: 100/200/400⇒100/200/600



  • Armor: 100/250/500/800⇒100/250/500/1000


  • We’ve made changes in our MMR systems to create more consistency in LP gains/losses. You should see a smoother climb (or fall) going forward.

Bug Fixes

  • Just in time: Fixed a bug where Zilean’s Rewind Fate would fizzle if his initial target died during his cast animation