Korea’s 8ljaywalking wins TFT Fates Championship: final placements & recap

Andrew Amos
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Korea has taken home their first TFT title with 8ljaywalking beating out Frenchman Zyk0o and the rest of the pack in the TFT Fates Championship. He walks away with $41,500, the biggest individual prize in Teamfight Tactics history.

It was the biggest event in TFT history. The $250,000 TFT Fates Invitational trumped the $200,000 Galaxies Championship and the $150,000 Rise of the Elements Invitational.

24 players were eventually whittled down to one, and it was Korea on top. 8ljaywalking posted huge results on Day 3, coming down to a nail-biting 1v1 against Zyk0o to take home the Fates Invitational title. Here’s how it went down.

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The TFT Fates Championship is the biggest event in the autobattler’s history.

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TFT Fates Championship: results & recap

Day 1: Wednesday, April 7

NA dominate with three players in Top 4

Placement Player Points
1 Kurumx 33
2 RamKev 29
2 8ljaywalking 29
3 DQA TFT 28
4 Pas De Bol 26
5 Ging 25
5 Razza 25
5 Juanzi 25
5 Lallana 25
10 Huanmie 24
10 sCsC 24
10 Mismatched Socks 24
10 Yatsuhashi 24
14 Kezi 23
15 Lyyyress 21
15 ZyK0o 21
15 Saopimi 21
18 BES Narkesh 20
18 Brank 20
20 INF PieHat 19
20 Goat Lion 19
20 BEE Shinri 19
23 Luoyi 15
24 Thunder 7

NA came out to play on the first day of the TFT Fates Championship. Kurumx and RamKev led the pack, while DQA TFT was also in the top four. Europe’s Pas De Bol also put up a great performance, winning two matches on the day.

Brazil and Latin America had their two representatives each knocked out on the first day of action, while Korean Thunder rounded out the action with a measly seven points, not even managing a better placement than sixth across the five games.

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Day 2: Thursday, April 8

China eliminated as Europe stays strong

Placement Player Points
1 Lallana 30
2 8ljaywalking 29
3 Pas De Bol 28
4 RamKev 26
5 sCsC 26
6 Yatsuhashi 25
7 Razza 25
8 Zyk0o 24
9 DQA TFT 24
10 Kurumx 22
11 Huanmie 20
12 Kezi 19
13 Mismatched Socks 18
14 Juanzi 18
15 Lyyyress 17
16 Ging 9

All three of China’s remaining hopefuls, including tournament favorite Juanzi, have been eliminated on Day 2. Europe’s Lallana and Pas De Bol dominated the lobbies, with the latter winning yet another couple of games after a strong Day 1 performance.

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Japan’s Yatsuhashi and Australia’s Razza also managed to edge themselves into the Top 8 with two crucial wins at the end of the day’s play. Zyk0o beat DQA out in the tiebreaker for eighth, making RamKev the final NA representative heading into Friday’s final.

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Day 3: Friday, April 9

8ljaywalking crowned TFT Fates champion

Placement Player Points
1 8ljaywalking 33
2 Zyk0o 33
3 RamKev 25
4 Lallana 24
5 Razza 24
6 sCsC 22
7 Yatsuhashi 20
8 Pas De Bol 14

It was really a two horse race on the final day of the TFT Fates Championship. France’s Zyk0o got off to a blistering start, getting two wins and a third in his first three games to get to ‘check-position.’ His Fortune strats paid off big time, making one of the biggest comebacks in TFT history with the 1HP 11-loss streak cash out in Game 2.

With only one win needed, the rest of the lobby had to play catch-up, and 8ljaywalking took him to task. The Korean won Game 4 to put himself on match point, and then converted a huge Slayers board in Game 5 to take it all — beating out Zyk0o in the final 1v1 to win it all.

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TFT Fates Championship: final placements

Below is the TFT Fates Championship final placements, and how much prize money each player won.

Placement Player Prize Money (USD)
1 8ljaywalking $41,500
2 Zyk0o $26,000
3 RamKev $18,000
4 Lallana $16,000
5 Razza $14,000
6 sCsC $13,000
7 Yatsuhashi $12,000
8 Pas De Bol $11,000
9 DQA TFT $9,500
10 Kurumx $9,000
11 Huanmie $8,000
12 Kezi
13 Mismatched Socks $7,000
14 Juanzi
15 Lyyyress $6,000
16 Ging
17 Saopimi $5,500
18 BES Narkesh
19 Brank $5,000
20 INF PieHat
21 Goat Lion $4,500
22 BEE Shinri
23 Luoyi $4,000
24 Thunder

TFT Fates Championship players

Here is a full list of players who competed in the TFT Fates Championship, and what regions they qualified from.

Some big names were upset in the qualifiers. Galaxies champion ‘Double61’ wasn’t be in attendance, and neither was NA streamer extraordinare ‘k3soju’.

Player Region
Pas De Bol Europe
Lyyyress Europe
Bränk Europe
Zykoo Europe
Lallana Europe
Ginggg Europe
Kezi China
Juanzi China
Huanmie China
Saopimi China
Luoyi China
Kurumx North America
Mismatched Socks North America
RamKev North America
DQA North America
8ljaywalking Korea
ScSc Korea
Thunder Korea
BEE Shinri Brazil
BES Narkesh Brazil
INF PieHat Latin America
Goat Lion Latin America
Yatsuhashi Japan
Razza Oceania

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