Everything we know about TFT Labs: new game modes coming in Set 5

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TFT Labs game mode headerRiot Games

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is finally getting its first alternate game mode in Set 5 named Labs. Coming in the Reckoning update, Riot are cycling through new ways to play TFT starting with the new “Hyper Roll” experiment.

Riot has promised new game modes for TFT for quite some time. While initially things were coming in Set 4, they’ve been pushed to Set 5 ⁠— but they’re finally here.

Labs are coming to Teamfight Tactics in the Reckoning update in April 2021. Here’s what we know about the new feature, including the first game mode named Hyper Roll.

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What are TFT Labs?

The Labs concept isn’t entirely new in the League of Legends universe. Legends of Runeterra, the League-inspired card game, has a mode called Labs with wacky and fun game modes for players to test for weeks at a time.

In TFT, Labs will be a chance to experiment with different mechanics from normal to make for faster games and a chance to play alongside friends.

“Our goal is to try out different ideas and playstyles to figure out what you all like, these Labs then stick around for a bit, and then they leave to make way for new ones,” developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer explained.

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Labs will also have a ranked mode, but this will be separate from regular TFT. A new ranked system will be launching to distinguish the two.

TFT Hyper Roll mode: how it works

Hyper Roll is the first game mode coming to Labs, revealed in a March 12 dev video. Hyper Roll is a 15-minute game mode for TFT, with players starting with 10 HP, and losing one, two, or three for every loss.

There also won’t be any gold interest to earn, so you can roll every turn if you want ⁠— or save to try and get a big upgrade at a key power spike. Hyper Roll will drop at the same time as the Reckoning update on April 28, 2021.

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Hyper Roll in TFT LabsRiot Games
Hyper Roll is for the reroll players at heart.

More Labs coming in the future

Hyper Roll will be the first of many Labs coming to TFT. Some might stick around for a while if they’re more popular. However, Riot will keep supporting the feature as long as the players want it.

While Mortdog hasn’t opened up on what Labs could be coming in the future, you can expect them to play on every single possible mechanic in the game.

Be prepared to experiment and have fun in TFT, without having to worry about a stressful ranked game.

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