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Everything we know about TFT Set 5: champions, traits, release date

Published: 28/Jan/2021 4:39

by Andrew Amos


With the TFT Fates Mid-Set update, Festival of Beasts, now live, all eyes are turned towards what Set 5 could potentially bring. We’ve got all the latest news, including leaked champions and traits, as well as a release date, right here.

TFT is just about to hit its second anniversary, and the celebrations are expected to be massive. In fact, they’re going to be so big that players are going to be treated to a whole new set as June 26 comes around.

TFT Set 5 is expected to come a bit earlier than that, and we already know a few details about what to expect. Here’s what you need to know, from the champions and traits already teased, to the official release date, and more.

TFT Set 5 champions & traits

TFT Set 5 has been described as the “most dramatic set yet.” TFT designer TJ ‘GreenTeej’ Bourus really sold it that way at the “TFT in 2021” reveal early in January.

“Corruption is nigh, and the balance between good and evil has tilted. The rising tension could yield great consequence in the convergence, so we’ll need you to restore the balance,” he said.

Segment begins at 2:04.

There are some champions we know are coming though based on that reveal. These include:

  • Darius (God King skin)
  • Garen (God King skin)
  • Volibear (The Thousand-Pierced Bear skin)
  • Morgana (Coven skin)
  • Viego (base skin)
  • Teemo (Little Devil skin)
  • Riven (Dawnbringer skin)

The addition of Viego could be primed for more characters in Ruined King ⁠— the first game developed under Riot Forge ⁠— to join the set too.

That’d mean the potential return of: Ahri, Braum, Pyke, Illaoi, Miss Fortune, Thresh, Yasuo, Gangplank, Maokai, Senna, Lucian, and Ryze. All of these champions feature in Ruined King, and have all been a part of the TFT roster in previous sets.

As for traits, Riot have been tightlipped about these. However, with the “Good vs Evil” theme locked in, you can expect Demacia vs Noxus warfare in some capacity.

We will update this section as more information arises.

Viego in League of Legends
Riot Games
Viego’s addition in TFT Set 5 is a big hint towards what champions could be added, including Pyke, Illaoi, and Thresh.

When is TFT Set 5 releasing?

TFT Set 5 is locked in for “Spring 2021,” according to Riot, but there’s a more precise date likely nailed down. With the Fates II Pass expiring on May 11, it’s likely TFT Set 5 will release on May 12 ⁠— lining up with patch 11.10’s release date.

There’s still some time left to grind Fates, but once TFT patch 11.10 rolls around, the set will be retired for the time being. One can hope it may return in a new game mode ⁠— something Riot has planned for 2021.


Dr Eggman voice actor responds to Smash Ultimate DLC fighter speculation

Published: 23/Feb/2021 21:14

by Michael Gwilliam


Sonic villain Doctor Eggman is one of the most popular candidates to join the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster as a DLC fighter, and now, the character’s voice actor has responded to rampant fan speculation.

Doctor Eggman, also known as Robotnik, is one of the most famous antagonists in video game history, and is the main villain of the Sonic The Hedgehog series. Throughout the games, the mad scientist uses numerous different weapons, robots and other various machines to do battle against his blue nemesis.

With Final Fantasy 7’s villain Sephiroth joining Smash Ultimate, fans have been eager to see other gaming baddies get an invitation, as well.

Responding to fan speculation, the voice of Doctor Eggman, Mike Pollock, took to Twitter to address those asking him about if he could be joining Nintendo’s flagship fighter.

“If he will, I couldn’t talk about it,” he simply said. “If he won’t, I wouldn’t want to.”

While this may seem like a bit of a non-answer, he further elaborated. “I said the same thing about me in the film, because the same sentiment holds true: I like talking about things I’m in, once they’re released.”

Furthermore, the voice actor added that he doesn’t like taking about projects he’s not in, especially when “everyone was expecting him to be.”

Basically, the actor seems tired of fans asking him about if he’s voicing Eggman in Smash – and despite his comments, some came to take his remarks as confirmation.

“So since you’re mentioning it that means yes,” one fan commented.

“It also means you should study logic more,” Pollock struck back.

The voice actor further explained his position over on the GameFaqs forums, where he made an account.

“Regardless of how iconic Dr. Eggman may be to you, in a typical year, he’s no more than two days of work for me, if I’m lucky. The rest of the time I’m focusing on keeping my calendar from being devoid of gigs by constantly auditioning for roles for new clients, and continuing existing work for other current clients,” he explained.

“My life doesn’t revolve around Dr. Eggman for the same reason that yours doesn’t revolve around your birthday. Every gig is a precious gift, and whichever I’m doing at the moment is the most important.”

Dr Eggman voice actor comments on GameFaqs
The voice actor further explained his position.

In any case, the chances of Eggman appearing in Smash remain about the same as they were before: unknown. That said, after the reveal of Pyra as DLC 9, only two slots are left in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

We’ll have to see if Eggman ends up being one of the two remaining fighters, but at least Pollock doesn’t seem opposed to the idea.