What are Shadow Items in TFT Set 5? New Reckoning mechanic

Draven in TFT Set 5 with Shadow ItemsRiot Games

The TFT Set 5 mechanic has been announced: Shadow Items. The cursed items are a spin on your regular builds, giving you a huge boost if played correctly. Here’s all the Shadow items in TFT, and how you can maximize their potential.

We’ve had Elemental Hexes, Galaxies, and Chosens. Now, in TFT Set 5, we’re going to have Shadow Items.

The mechanic coming to TFT Reckoning has practically doubled the item pool in Riot’s League of Legends-inspired autobattler. Every item has a Shadow clone, but some are better than others.

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To help you wrap your head around the Shadow Items mechanic we’ve got everything you need to know right here. From how you can get Shadow Items, to what each item does, be sure to keep this piece open when you jump into TFT Reckoning for the first time so you don’t get lost!

Viego in League of LegendsRiot Games
TFT’s Shadow Items are straight from the Shadow Isles, with big buffs if you use them correctly.

What are Shadow Items in TFT Set 5?

Shadow Items in TFT are variants on the ones you already know and love. The spooky new items allow players to min-max their builds, often offering a big benefit with a downside to counteract it.

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For example, Sacrificial Infinity Edge gives you bonus critical strike damage, but every time you crit you take 3% of your maximum health as true damage. Dark Shroud of Stillness increases the max mana of everyone ⁠— not just enemies ⁠— for their first cast in a line.

To make a Shadow Item, you’ll need to combine one Shadow component with another component (Shadow or Regular — but try not to waste your Shadow components by doubling up).

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Some of the Shadow Items are better than others, so you’ll need to be very selective in how you use them. Sometimes, the Shadow option isn’t the best choice!

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You’ll have to build the right items that fit your champion to really min-max your builds. A good cursed item can be the difference between getting a Top 4, or even a win.

Vayne TFT Set 5 ReckoningRiot Games
Some traits and champions, like Forgotten units, get extra stats with Shadow Items.

How to get Shadow Items in TFT Set 5

You can get Shadow Items in two ways in TFT: Off the carousel, or in the new Armory. You cannot get them off of PvE rounds.

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Shadow Items have a chance of appearing on the carousel; either as components in early stages of the game, or full items as time goes on.

You can also pick and choose the item you want in the Armory. At 2-2, 3-2, and 4-2, you’ll have a selection of two to four items to pick from. These items are usually split 50-50 between Shadow and regular items. Pick wisely, and think about what’ll work best for your team!

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Players can expect to get two to four Shadow components in any given game, although you can maybe highroll a few more!

TFT Armory Set 5 Shadow ItemsRiot Games
The Armory lets you select an item to fill your bench.

List of all Shadow Items in TFT Set 5

One or both of your components must be a Shadow component to make a Shadow item.

Name Components Ability
Sacrificial Infinity Edge Glove + Sword Grants 75% Critical Strike Chance (including components). Each point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% becomes +1% Critical Strike Damage. The holder also gains 30% Critical Strike Damage. Each time the holder critically strikes, they deal 3% of their maximum Health to themselves as true damage.
Dark Shroud of Stillness Glove + Chain When combat begins, the holder shoots a beam straight ahead and behind that delays affected enemies’ and allies’ first ability cast, increasing their maximum Mana by 65% until they cast.
Trickster’s Gloves Glove + Glove At the beginning of each planning phase, the holder equips 2 temporary items. These are always full shadow items.
Vengeful Trap Claw Glove + Belt Blocks the first enemy ability that hits the holder, then teleports them to the ability’s caster, and causes both units to start targeting each other. They deal 25% increased damage to each other.
Caustic Quicksilver Glove + Cloak The holder is immune to crowd control for the entirety of combat and receives -20% maximum Health.
Final Whisper Glove + Bow When the holder inflicts a critical hit, both the target’s Armor and Magic Resist are reduced by 50% for 5 seconds. The holder’s Armor and Magic Resist are also permanently reduced by 25%.
Sacrificial Gauntlet Glove + Rod The holder’s magic and true damage from their ability can critically strike. The holder gains +40% Critical Strike Damage and 20% Critical Strike Chance. After the holder casts their ability, they lose 15% of their maximum Health.
Hand of Vengeance Glove + Tear At the beginning of combat, the holder gains both of the following:
  • +40 Attack Damage and +40 Spell Power
  • Basic Attacks and Spells heal for 40% of damage dealt

These bonuses expire after each takedown and renew on the next.

Spectral Spear of Shojin Tear + Sword The holder’s attacks restore 14 Mana on-hit. The holder deals 20% less damage.
Frozen Dark Heart Tear + Chain Reduces the Attack speed of all enemies within 2 hexes by 50%. The Attack Speed of allies (except the holder) within 1 hex(es) is reduced by 50%.
Sacrificial Redemption Tear + Belt The holder radiates an aura to all allies on the board except themself, and heals them for 20% of their missing Health every 5 seconds. Each time this happens, the holder damages themself for 10% of their current Health as true damage.
Chalice of Malice Tear + Cloak When combat begins, all of the holder’s allies within 1 hex in the same row gain 45 Ability Power for the rest of combat. The holder loses 20 Ability Power instead of gaining any.
Statikk Stiletto Tear + Bow Every other attack from the holder unleashes chain lightning that strikes 4 enemies, dealing 70 magic damage and reducing their Magic Resist by 70% for 5 seconds. The holder receives -33% Attack Damage.
Archdemon’s Staff of Immortality Tear + Rod Each time the holder casts their ability, they gain empty maximum Health equal to 300% of their maximum Mana. The holder then heals for the Health that was gained from that ability cast.
Very Dark Blue Buff Tear + Tear After casting their ability, the holder gains 15 Mana. If the holder has less than 60% Health, this is increased to 50.
Hextech Gunblade of Immortality Rod + Sword The holder’s magic and true damage from Abilities heals the nearest ally with missing Health for 60% of the damage dealt. This healing cannot affect the holder.
Locket of the Silver Lunari Rod + Chain When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 2 hexes in the same row gain 60 bonus Armor and Magic Resist, but gain 5 less Mana per attack.
Mor-evil-lonomicon Rod + Belt When the holder deals magic damage with their ability, they burn the target, dealing 100% of the target’s maximum Health as true damage over 25 seconds, and reducing healing by 50% for the duration of the burn. The holder’s ability deals 50% less damage.
Ionic Dark-Spark Rod + Cloak Enemies and allies within 2 hexes are zapped when they cast an ability, taking magic damage scaling with their maximum Mana. Enemies take 200% of their maximum Mana, and allies take 100% of their maximum Mana. Whenever an ally or enemy is zapped, the holder gains 5 Ability Power for the rest of combat.
Guinsoo’s Sacrifical Rageblade Rod + Bow Attacks grant +9% bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat. The bonus Attack Speed can stack any number of times. The holder is dealt 2.5% of their maximum Health as true damage each attack.
Rabadon’s Caustic Deathcap Rod + Rod Grants 100 bonus Ability Power (including components) and -20% maximum Health
Caustic Deathblade Sword + Sword Contributing to a kill grants the holder +15 Attack Damage for the rest of combat. This effect can stack any number of times (starting at 3). The holder receives -20% maximum Health.
Fallen Guardian Angel Sword + Chain Prevents the holder’s first death, placing them in stasis instead. After 2 seconds, they return with 80% Health and shed all negative effects. After this effect triggers, the holder’s Attack Speed is reduced by 50% for the rest of combat.
Zeke’s Bleak Herald Sword + Belt When combat begins, the holder reduces the Attack Speed of all allies within 1 hex in the same row by -25%. The holder gains +40% Attack Speed for each affected ally.
Riskthirster Sword + Cloak Physical damage heals the holder for 40% of the damage dealt. Each time the holder heals to 90% Health, they gain 30% Attack Speed for 3 seconds (does not stack). The holder takes 33% of their maximum Health in true damage at the beginning of combat.
Evil Giant Slayer Sword + Bow The holder’s Abilities and attacks do 50% bonus damage. If the target has less than 1100 maximum Health, the holder’s Abilities and attacks do 15% decreased damage instead.
Titan’s Revenge Bow + Chain Every 3 seconds, the holder’s next basic attack deals 25% of the total damage they have taken since the last empowered attack as true damage.
Unstable Zz’Rot Portal Bow + Belt When the holder dies, a Construct arises to continue the fight. When it dies it deals 600 true damage to enemies within one hex.
Runaan’s Untamed Hurricane Bow + Cloak The holder’s attacks fire bolts at 2 nearby enemies, dealing 50% of the holder’s Attack Damage. These bolts can critically strike but do not apply on-hit effects.
Eclipse Cape Belt + Chain Every 1.5 seconds, a random enemy within 3 hexes is burned for 25% of their maximum Health over 10 seconds. Any healing they receive is reduced by 50%. The holder is burned for 4% of their maximum Health every second and any healing they receive is reduced by 50%.
Warmog’s Sacrificial Armor Belt + Belt Grants 1800 bonus Health (including components). The holder takes 100 true damage each second.
Turbulent Zephyr Belt + Cloak When combat begins, the holder summons a whirlwind on the opposite side of the arena that removes the closest enemy from combat for 8 seconds. Once the enemy returns to combat, they gain 30 Attack Damage and 30 Ability Power for the rest of combat. Ignores CC immunity.
Gargoyle Stoneplate of Immortality Chain + Cloak The holder heals themself for 45 Health every 2 seconds for each unit targeting them.
Refracted Bramble Vest Chain + Chain Grants 200 bonus Armor (including components).
Refracted Dragon’s Claw Cloak + Cloak Reduces incoming magic damage by 15%. Negates bonus damage from incoming critical hits.
Rapid Deathcannon Bow + Bow Increases the holder’s Attack Range by 1 hex. Additionally, the holder gains +40% bonus Attack Speed when there are no enemies within a 2 hex radius. The holder’s attacks can no longer miss.
Dragonslayer Emblem Spat + Rod Adds Dragonslayer trait to ally.
Hellion Emblem Spat + Bow Adds Hellion trait to ally.
Forgotten Emblem Spat + Sword Adds Forgotten trait to ally.
Abomination Emblem Spat + Glove Adds Abomination trait to ally.
Coven Emblem Spat + Tear Adds Coven trait to ally.
Nightbringer Emblem Spat + Belt Adds Nightbringer trait to ally.
Cavalier Emblem Spat + Chain Adds Cavalier trait to ally.
Revenant Emblem Spat + Cloak Adds Revenant trait to ally.
Force of Darkness Spat + Spat Wearer’s team gains +2 maximum team size but the player’s Little Legends takes 100% extra damage.

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