What is the Chosen mechanic in TFT Fates? Stat boosts, champions, more

Blood Moon Kalista and Warring Kingdoms Katarina in TFT FatesRiot Games

First it was Elemental Rifts in Rise of the Elements. Then it was Galaxies in Set 3. However, for the first time in Teamfight Tactics, the set “mechanic,” named Chosen, will revolve around the units themselves ⁠— and not the board.

Riot are adding a new Chosen mechanic to TFT Fates in Set 4, powering up one of your champions to the extreme. The mechanic will not only make your team superpowered, but can ultimately be your win condition.

Ahead of TFT Fates’ release on Patch 10.19, we’ve got everything you need to know about the mechanic, from the stat boosts you can get, to how they’ll affect your team compositions, and more.

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Spirit Blossom Yasuo in TFT FatesRiot Games
Riot have unveiled the Fates mechanic, Chosen, powering up champions in your composition.

How does the Chosen mechanic work?

Chosen brings power to individual champions in your shop. You’ll definitely want to build your compositions around these champions, who have very handy stat boosts to really amp up your team. Finding the right one can be the difference between winning and losing.

A Chosen champion will occasionally pop up in your shop as a two-star unit. They’ll cost three times the normal one-star price ⁠— so a one-cost unit will cost three gold, while a five-cost unit will be priced at 15 gold.

The price tag is definitely worth it though. They come with a “Chosen” origin or class, counting as two towards that trait ⁠— similar to Lux’s Avatar from Set 2.

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Each of the two-star champions will also receive a bonus 200 health, as well as another unique stat to boost them up. Here’s a full list of bonuses your champion can get:

  • 500 extra health
  • 35% bonus spell power
  • 50 attack damage
  • 25% reduced mana cost
Chosen Garen card in TFT FatesRiot Games
Chosen champions will look like this in your shop in TFT Fates.

What bonus stats will my Chosen champion get?

To minimize the RNG of the new mechanic, Riot are making it so each shampion will receive the same Chosen stats every game to help maximize their power. That means you won’t get a Jhin with bonus mana, or a Yuumi with extra attack damage.

TFT lead developer Mortdog has released a table of all the bonuses, and who gets them. For your convenience, we’ve linked it below.

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How many Chosen champions are there in TFT Fates?

Every champion can be “Chosen” in TFT Fates. However, there’s some conditions. You cannot have more than one of them at a time. Once you pick up one, they’ll no longer appear in your shop.

If you want to change your Chosen champion, you’ll have to sell your original one first. This can be risky, but ultimately could pay off ⁠— especially if you can upgrade a one-cost to a three, four, or even five-cost.

Riot ultimately designed the Chosen mechanic with this in mind. “You’ll be left with some tough decisions: Do you buy an early Chosen to lock in a direction, or do you keep yourself flexible for a late-game pivot,” they asked players in a dev blog.

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Lunar Wraith Sylas in TFT FatesRiot Games
Finding the right Chosen champion can be the difference between winning and losing.

Ultimately though, while you’d ideally hit the champion you want every game, it’s unlikely. It’ll force you to think on the fly though to adapt your compositions to potentially fit in the right champion.

“You won’t be able to force a Chosen champion every game. Getting a specific champion is hard enough, but getting that champion with the right Chosen trait will be close to impossible.”

TFT Fates, the autobattler’s fourth set, will release on League Patch 10.19 on September 16. Curious to know who you can play in the set? We’ve got everything you need to know right here.

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