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Shaco next in line for League Season 12 champion updates

Published: 3/Apr/2022 23:10

by André González Rodríguez


Everybody’s favorite jester in League of Legends, Shaco, is getting a significant visual update to both his base model and tons of skins in an attempt to modernize his ability effects.

In an effort to bring League of Legends up to speed visually, Riot Games has been slowly releasing visual effects updates to several of the older champions in the game.

So far, Season 12 has brought forth a number of visual overhauls on champions such as Vayne, Elise, and Vel’Koz, but the MOBA’s developers aren’t quite done yet.

Alongside recently announced updates to Orianna and Leona, Shaco will also be getting updates on both his base skin and tons of his others.


Shaco Visual Effect Update Comparison
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Shaco’s famous boxes have a more unique and modernized glow to them now.

Riot reveals Shaco update

Similar to the champions before him, the visual changes aim to make Shaco’s abilities clearer and more visually up to par with the game’s standards.

His passive will have discernability when it comes to hitting his opponents in the front and the back using a new darker effect. His Q spell, Deceive, will get a completely new “poof” that aims to be closer to illusion magic, while also adding new hit effects.

Shaco’s boxes will receive a new placement effect and have a subtle burst around them once triggered, indicating a more clear hitbox.

His Two-Shiv Poison will also receive new effects on the missile, the hit, and the slow. To add to this, Riot designer Sirhaian shared on Reddit that the ability will also have a unique effect for targets under 30% health.


Lastly, Shaco’s ultimate Hallucinate will be visually reinvented, bringing on a new cast effect, poof, timer, and explosion.

Shaco skins due for update

All 12 of Shaco’s skins are receiving updates, and will all vary in how much they will change.

Here are all of the skins that are getting updated:

  • Base
  • Mad Hatter
  • Royal
  • Nutcracko
  • Workshop
  • Asylum
  • Masked
  • Wild Card
  • Dark Star
  • Arcanist
  • Crime City Nightmare

Shaco’s older skins will be getting the most love out of this visual upgrade, while his newer skins, mainly Crime Cityy Nightmare Shaco, will be handed minor tweaks.

An exact date on when to expect Shaco’s update hasn’t been by Riot yet. However, all signs point to a possible patch 12.7 release on April 12.