TFT patch 14.8 April 18 patch introduces major nerfs to Trickshots and more

Liam Ho
Inkshadow Kai'sa splash art

Teamfight Tactics’s patch 14.8 has a new B-patch being implemented, introducing major nerfs to Trickshot units, Gnar, and Fortune.

The most recent patch for Riot Game’s Teamfight Tactics has severely shaken the meta in all the wrong ways. The newest patch saw buffs to 4 cost carries and nerfs to reroll comps that have swiftly taken over the meta in the early days of Inkborn Fables.

However, one champion has seen a major benefit from the recent patch, receiving buffs despite being a featured carry on a meta team composition. 4 cost Inkshadow Trickshot Kai’sa was already performing well with a Bruiser frontline, letting her decimate enemy teams by bouncing her ability around the backline.

Now a new B-patch will take down Kai’sa and other Trickshot units down a notch, with Teemo, Kai’sa, and Xayah all receiving nerfs to their abilities.

Alongside the nerfs to Trickshots, Gnar has shot up in power thanks to the changes in rolling odds at level 7. Because of this, Gnar is receiving a change that will require him to gain more stacks on his passive before he gains his maximum AD. Similarly, Ornn and Fortune have been a little too strong for the moment, and have also received nerfs in the B-patch.

TFT 14.8 April 18 B-patch notes



  • Fortune Stage 3 base luck per loss reduced: 3 >>> 2



  • Passive AD per stack reduced: 4% >>> 2.5%
  • Passive max stacks increased: 25 >>> 40


  • Ability damage reduced: 420/630/1050% AP >>> 380/570/1050% AP


  • Ability wave damage reduced: 45/45/100% AD + 10/15/45% AP >>> 40/40/100% AD + 8/12/36% AP
  • Ability amplified wave damage: 70/70/140% AD + 10/15/45% AP >>> 65/65/140% AD + 8/12/36% AP


  • Ability shield reduced: 20% HP + 300/350/1200% AP >>> 15% HP + 300/350/1200% AP


  • AD increased: 75 >>> 80


  • Ability feather recall damage decreased: 50/50/500% AD + 15/25/75% AP >>> 35/35/500% AD + 15/25/75% AP

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