TFT Patch 14.9 set to rework Ghostly & Heavenly traits

Liam Ho
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The traits of Ghostly and Heavenly in Teamfight Tactics are set to receive a rework in Patch 14.9, honing in on empowering their units instead of the entire army.

Teamfight Tactics is planning on reworking both the Ghostly and Heavenly traits in Patch 14.9. The two traits will instead focus on buffing their own units instead of everyone in your army, making them far less flexible than before.

Ghostly creates Spectres that haunt enemies, causing them to take bonus damage from all units. This caused a composition to arise where you would play Senna with 6 Ghostly, and rely on the non-Ghostly unit to take down the entire enemy board for you. This meant that none of the Ghostly units themselves would be the premier carry of the comp, leaving the trait as entirely supportive.

As such, the devs are buffing the amount of damage per Spectre in Patch 14.9, but they’ll only allow Ghostly units to deal more damage. This way Ghostly units like Caitlyn, Kayn, and Morgana have more room to shine as individual units, rather than being fodder for the trait.

Similarly, Heavenly was supposed to be the premiere reroll trait of Set 11. It provided bonus stats to your army for each individual unit you put in and would increase depending on their star level. This would incentivize players to reroll these Heavenly units to maximize the possible bonus stats.

This was not the case, however, as many players preferred to tech in the trait to other comps, giving them the bonus stats while avoiding some of the weaker Heavenly units. Patch 14.9 is looking to rectify this by granting Heavenly units 100% more bonuses than before.

This is a massive buff to the Heavenly reroll comp the developers envisioned at the start of Set 11, meaning we may see a dramatic shake-up in the meta when the update drops on May 1, 2024.

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