LoL’s new Force of Entropy Arena item lets you crit crowd control and it’s insane

Liam Ho
League of Legends Arena mode

One of the new items introduced into League of Legends Arena mode will let champions critically strike their crowd control abilities, a first-ever for the MOBA.

League of Legends Arena will be returning with a new item that lets its user critically strike their crowd control, extending their duration by 33%. This is the first item to ever have this capability, which makes sense that it would be introduced into a mode like Arena, which is a bit more arcadey than the usual offering.

The item titled Force of Entropy grants the user 900 health, 30 ability haste, and 30% critical strike chance, allowing tank champions like K’sante and Sejuani to synergize with critical strike chance. The item will add a base of 0.25 seconds to the CC, and then extend it by 33%.

This, combined with the augments offered in Arena can easily lead to some whacky and ridiculous builds that will break the rules of League of Legends as we know it.

Arena’s third return will also feature a heap of new items and augments, as well as a new arena to reign in the return of the mode. Items like Force of Entropy will completely break the balance of the mode, which isn’t supposed to be as competitive as its ranked counterpart.

This new item will let players experiment with new builds and strategies to conquer the Arena, highlighting player creativity as a means of victory in comparison to following a meta.

Arena will be returning on Patch 14.9, which arrives on May 1, 2024, where players will be able to try their hands on new items and more.

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