Riot promises League of Legends compensation after Clash breaks in Shadow Isles Cup

Terry Oh
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The Shadow Isles Cup for League of Legends’ Clash game mode was marred by bugs as some players couldn’t join in on the action or even receive their rewards. With many furious about a public statement, Riot is promising refunds for the participants.

League of Legends’ Clash game mode is beloved by players for giving a legitimate competitive experience for all — even if it’s not quite like Worlds.

It provides a level of competition that most casual players cannot experience otherwise. As they’ve done previously, many summoners invested time, energy, and in-game currency to participate in the recent Shadow Isles Cup.

Unfortunately, the recent Clash event was full of bugs — resulting in extended queue times, no rewards, and glitches all across the board.

Some players were unable to join teams because the game said they were already in a team. Others didn’t receive rewards after finishing their brackets. This annoyed many players chasing the higher-tier banners and rewards on the final day of the Cup.

Riot are aware of the frustrations, with developer Jeremy ‘Brightmoon’ Lee promising some compensation for players: “We are looking at addressing the root cause and will provide Clash refunds for those impacted.”

Brightmoon’s Twitter post states the developers are only looking at issuing refunds though, and won’t be replaying the final two days of the Shadow Isles Cup on a different weekend so players can push for their final rewards.

A refund in this specific case would likely just come in the form of Blue Essence or Riot Points compensation, as that’s the price players paid to enter.

Beyond the issues with rewards though, players complained about being stuck in queue for up to an hour — likely due to the sign-up issues others were facing.

The issues surrounding the recent Shadow Isles Cup are still under investigation. The next Clash event in League of Legends, the Zaun Cup, is expected to run on August 6 and 7.