Arcane star says fans should prepare for a ‘devastating’ Season 2 finale

Declan Mclaughlin
Jinx from Arcane in front of League of Legends.

The voice actor of Jinx has given fans a brief glimpse into what seems to be a devastating conclusion to the second season of the League of Legends show.

Season 2 of Arcane is set to hit Netflix in November 2024 and continue the story of Jinx and Vi across Piltover and Zaun in the League of Legends universe. So far, Riot Games has only given fans a brief teaser video for the upcoming season.

Ella Purnell, the voice actor for Jinx, just gave fans a brief overview of what to expect in the next season of Arcane in an interview with TechRadar.

“Oh man, I’m trying to remember it [Season 1] because it was over two years ago,” Purnell told TechRadar while promoting the Fallout TV Show. “I actually just went back into the studio to complete some ADR for the season 2 finale – and I cried. So, I think other people will cry, too. It’s devastating, and nobody will feel good after watching it.”

The first season of the award-winning show was an emotional rollercoaster, with happy highs and depressing lows, and the second sounds like it will be no different.

Arcane’s second season has been in the works for a while as Riot has stated that it is working to ensure the season’s quality is up to par with what has come before it.

Now, fans will just have to wait for the release of the next installment of episodes with this ominous quote from one of the lead actors hanging over the narrative, and its conclusion.

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