Rich to replace Armut after Dignitas’ disastrous LCS split

Rich set to replace ArmutLPL | Twitch

Despite spending big on importing talent and securing strong domestic players, Dignitas started their 2023 competitive year in dead last for the Spring Split. DIG have now confirmed they’re replacing Armut with Rich to try and find success in Summer.

Dignitas has been involved in competitive League of Legends for over a decade, making them one of the longest-standing orgs in North America. But that longevity hasn’t exactly given them strong results.

So, going into 2023, Dignitas spent big on their roster and sent expectations for their team sky high at the start of the LCS 2023 Spring split only for the team to finish in last place.

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They’ve opted to trade out Irfan ‘Armut’ Tükek for Lee ‘Rich’ Jae-won, letting go of one of their most hyped up players going into the season.

Rich to replace Armut on Dignitas according to reports

Coming off of MAD’s lukewarm showing in 2022, some were skeptical as to whether or not Armut would be able to perform as Dignitas’ top lane pickup. That skepticism was warranted considering that DIG struggled for the entire split.

When a team loses so often, it can be difficult to spot which players being swapped out could ultimately benefit a roster in the long run. Tomo replacing Spawn late in Spring certainly helped, but DIG still had a lot of issues.

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Not to mention, Armut himself spoke about how he was depressed for much of the split due to events happening in his home country of Turkey and losing most of their LCS matches.

Dexerto interviewed Santorin in Spring, and he spoke about Dignitas having lost so many games in a row that it felt like they forgot how to win. It was clear changes needed to be made if DIG wanted a chance at becoming a top team.

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Armut didn’t manage to live up to the hype set for him coming into the LCS

A report from indicated that Armut is set to be replaced by Rich, a top laner whose 2022 showing on V5 was very hit-or-miss.

That report has now been substantiated, with Rich’s acquisition being confirmed by Dignitas.

Rich isn’t exactly known for his strong laning or a high amount of solo kills against his opponent, but what he lacks in laning presence he more than makes up for in teamfight capability.

This is on-brand considering Rich’s background as one of the very best pros in Heroes of the Storm’s relatively short stint as an esport, picking up two world titles for himself before swapping over to League of Legends. Heroes of the Storm had a massive focus on teamfighting and rotations, expertise that Rich has brought with him to the Rift.

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Armut is a player whose aggressive, trade-heavy playstyle tended to require a good deal of attention from his jungler. Perhaps Rich’s teamfight focus and safe laning is just what Dignitas needs to turn their fortune around.

At the time of writing, Armut has yet to comment on where he’ll end up next now that he’s not starting for Dignitas.

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